PRSC Shop and Gallery







The Stokes Croft China Gallery is to be found at 35 Jamaica Street, just opposite Turbo Island on Stokes Croft.

The best way to see Stokes Croft China ware is to visit the gallery, because much of the ware we produce is unique and will never appear on the website.

The Gallery is in the heart of Stokes Croft. 

Stokes Croft China is an unlikely enterprise. Rising from the shards of Staffordshire’s decimated ceramics industry, its very  existence is the manifestation of the desire of this community to “Make our Own Future”.

Fine bone china was traditionally the preserve of the elite, conventionally mass produced. Stokes Croft China turns these ideas on its head. The pieces are mostly unique, imbued with the local colour of Stokes Croft, and are the embodiment of protest, which has been part of Stokes Croft’s make up through the years. Each unique piece is created by our artist decorators, combining ware and print that can be up to fifty years old with new print designed and produced by ourselves. The net result is often very like the streets of Stokes Croft, where the cacophony of visual elements compete for attention.

Come to our gallery. If you cannot, then check out online.


Dishing up some History

As the factories in Staffordshire closed their doors in the early 2000’s, Chris Chalkley, founder of PRSC, had the foresight to buy the whole contents of the last major independent decorating factory in Stoke: Broadhurst Bros. of Burslem. He also bought kilns, factory equipment and large quantities of undecorated chinaware from long-closed factories. By combining this historic print and ware with the art and politics that are at the core of  Stokes Croft, we have produced a unique product that allows PRSC a measure of independence.

The production is very low run, predominantly unique ware designed and produced by artists working with PRSC mainly on a voluntary basis. All revenue generated goes toward funding the political aspirations of PRSC.