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Summer walk: Reading the streets

Wednesday 8 August, 2018 @ 18:00 - 19:30

Carriageworks Westmoreland House summer walk guided Chris Chalkley Godwin visual discussion posters graffiti throwup pasteup gig poster tagging politics

Chris Chalkley, Founder of the People’s Republic of Stokes Croft, presents a personal perspective on the ongoing visual debate that takes place on the walls of and through the architecture of Stokes Croft.

The urban environment is an ever evolving space, a battleground for ideas where multiple voices compete for attention. Street signage and corporate advertisements jostle for position with gig posters, graffiti tags, throw ups, paste ups and “pieces”.

Stickers cover lamp posts and street furniture. Political expression is everywhere, encouraged by the small freedoms that have been hard won. Order and chaos coexist uneasily in the streets. Everywhere, imagery vies for the passer-by’s attention.

The rules, if any, are a mixture of enforcement and self governance. A semblance of order emerges from the apparent chaos, as the visual debate rages.

In a surreal twist, the City’s cleansing department becomes the de facto arbiter of cultural taste, the curator of the ephemeral.

Chris Chalkley will walk with you through certain parts of Stokes Croft, and will provide a thought-provoking narrative to the visual feast that is Stokes Croft.

Start point

People’s Republic of Stokes Croft HQ, Jamaica Street, BS2 8JP

End point

To be confirmed

Suitable clothing

Although the routes are not strenuous, please be aware that surfaces may be uneven and could be slippery when wet. We strongly recommend that you dress appropriately for the weather with warm/waterproof clothing and comfortable footwear.

For your safety

Please take care when crossing busy roads and always use the designated crossings where indicated. Please be aware of other road users and pedestrians, particularly by leaving space on pavements for people to cross safely.

The summer walks are sponsored by the Friends of Bristol Museums, Galleries & Archives.