Mission Statement

Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft (PRSC) will provide benefit to The Community by promoting the interests of the area, and by seeking to work with the skills of the whole Community to influence the direction in which this area develops.

PRSC will seek to promote and bring to fruition the notion of Stokes Croft as a Cultural Quarter, as a destination. PRSC will seek to promote creativity and activity in the local environment, thereby generating prosperity, both financial and spiritual. PRSC will work in all ways to enhance the reputation of Stokes Croft as a globally renowned Centre for Excellence in the Arts, both in its own actions and by encouraging the action of others. PRSC believes that the strength of the local Community resides in its creativity, tolerance and respect for each other.

PRSC will seek to protect and enhance that which is valuable in the historic fabric of Stokes Croft. PRSC recognises the importance of already existing infrastructure in determining an area’s character. PRSC will afford due consideration to the status of Stokes Croft as a Conservation Area.

PRSC will seek to generate an ethos of sustainability, both in its business practices, and in its approach to every aspect of the development of Stokes Croft, actively seeking innovative responses to the issues that confront the whole of society, with the wider concerns of global society always to the fore in its thinking. By actively pursuing this course, PRSC will seek to test theories, to offer and encourage examples of best practice.

PRSC will actively seek to ensure that Stokes Croft remains a Centre for Excellence in The Arts and for innovative thinking. PRSC will seek to acquire freehold property in Stokes Croft, recognising that this is the principal method for assuring permanence in its aims.

Efficiency will be at the core of PRSC’s thinking. PRSC will seek to maximise return from the scant resources that have traditionally been Stokes Croft’s lot.

The Community is: those who live in, work in or pass through Stokes Croft and its surrounding area.

Stokes Croft is defined as “Stokes Croft and its surrounding areas”.