Mission Statement

From chinaware to community, activism to art, PRSC is a hub for radical expression. We are a dynamic collective of artists & activists committed to cultivating and facilitating a spectrum of events, workshops and activities driven by the needs of the communities we support.

We believe that to have a community you have to have a commons; spaces in which to share skills, ideas, stories and tools, and  that this should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their social or economic status. To this end PRSC has a been pillar of resistance in the last decade, as big business and corporate investors have sought to capitalise on the immense work the community has put in to improve Stokes Croft, and make it the vibrant cultural quarter it is today.

With our community at our core we enable under-resourced, marginalised and otherwise disenfranchised groups to support themselves and each other through providing accessible facilities, and collectivising and amplifying local voices.

Where at all possible we are committed to buy local, support local community and make the best use of otherwise wasted resources. We support our services through sales of our hand-decorated china and facilities hire, and any surplus we make is directed back into our community work.