Previous Projects

24H OUR CITY - The People of the Croft

0.00 slot 24H OUR CITY - by Claudio Ahlers Stokes Croft

24-hours of photographic portraits of passers-by, artists, residents, activists, tourists, homeless people, professionals – the people of the Croft. By photographer Claudio Ahlers and installation artist Sarah Middleton.

Creative summer workshops

colin moody prsc street photography workshop bristol creativeIn the summer of 2018, the PRSC and Stokes Croft China expanded their workshop range. We ran workshops for street photography, graffiti, puppet making, mosaic making and china decorating.

Journey to Justice Bristol 2017

Journey to Justice Bristol 2017 art by Marcus Bo LanyonPRSC and Journey to Justice Bristol are participating in a project to visualise Bristol’s history of activism and struggles for social justice.

Bearpit Open Air Theatre

Bearpit Open Air Theatre PRSC current projects

Situated in the Bearpit, the Bearpit Open Air Theatre boast a unique urban backdrop which makes it a stunning location for performances, concerts, exhibitions and other events.

RESISTE exhibition

Asaro PRSC previous projects

The Bearpit Outdoor Gallery hosted its first major international exhibition, ‘Resiste’, in October 2016. For the last 10 years ASARO have created political woodcut and lino print street art as part of their local protests, and in solidarity with international struggle.

Boycott Tesco

boycott tesco PRSC previous projects

The issues that confront Stokes Croft apply globally. We must work to offer alternative models for food sourcing, for ourselves, and for everybody.

Bristol Green Fringe 2015

Green capital PRSC previous projects

Bristol Green Fringe is Stokes Croft’s response to Bristol Green Capital 2015.

Buy Back Turbo Island

Turbo Island is the piece of land on the corner of Stokes Croft and Jamaica Street. Bombed during the war, it was used for advertising hoardings since the ’50’s. In around 1985, the then Avon County Council sold this land to the advertising company for £32,500, FIVE YEARS AFTER STOKES CROFT WAS DECLARED A CONSERVATION AREA. The land in front of the hoarding was of no interest to the advertisers, and remained a wasteland, largely inhabited by street drinkers and drug addicts. In 2007 PRSC started to make good, floating the then patently absurd notion of Stokes Croft as a Cultural Quarter. Seven years later, the landscape is very different. It is time for this property to come back into community ownership. If you look at the images below, it is hard not to agree that the Community has earned this right. The West Country philosopher John Locke(1632 –1704) in his Second Treatise on Government, asked by what right an individual can claim to own one part of the world, when, according to the Bible, God gave the world to all humanity in common. He answered that persons own themselves and therefore their own labor. When a person works, that labor enters into the object. Thus, the object becomes the property of that person.

No more advertising billboard, and more outdoor gallery. More space for voice and beauty.

Fancy Bogs

Fancy Bogs is part of Stokes Croft China.We now decorate sanitary ware to order, using the historic lithographs we saved from destruction when the Staffordshire Poteries were ravaged by the forces of globalisation during the last ten years. The ware shown here is decorated with 1960′s Wedgwood print and others. By the use of digital ceramic print, almost anything is possible. The print below was designed in-house, We produce bespoke ware, and Off the Shelf Unique toilet pans, using print rescued by us from the last independent decorating factory in Staffordshire, Broadhurst Bros. of Burslem Ltd.

Stokes Croft China produces bespoke ware, and off the shelf unique toilet pans, using print rescued by us from the last independent decorating factory in Staffordshire.

Stokes Croft Museum

Stokes Croft Museum PRSC previous projects

Stokes Croft Museum defies categorisation. A record of the recent past, it addresses issues that confront us all, polemical in its stance, delivering beauty and message in equal measure.

Stokes Croft Art Furniture

Art furniture PRSC previous projects

Using materials found in the street, old furniture headed for landfill, we fashion unique pieces of furniture, which transcend the merely functional. Local artists working with materials found locally create a new aesthetic that clearly evokes the soul of Stokes Croft.

Street Chess

Street chess PRSC previous projects

Street Chess using road traffic cones was an idea that developed in Stokes Croft as a response to the perceived negativity of public space in the area.

The Banksy Q

Banksy Q PRSC previous projects

Katy Bauer, who devised the Banksy Q show, recognised that the phenomenon of the queue was important in and of itself. So she started to document the queue, and collected drawings, 3500 of them, by handing out pens and flyers.

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