Hillgrove Street Studios

Hillgrove Street Studios is a vibrant hive of activity and home to a creative family of artists and makers

Jamie Gillman

Jamie Gillman is an artist that creates sculptures and theatre sets using wood and mixed media. Jamie was commissioned by the PRSC to produce the iconic Bristol bear sculpture, now located in the Bearpit.

Jamie Gillman @ Stokes Croft China

Ross Lovelock

Ross Lovelock is an artist who produces screen prints as Bathtub Printing, and runs the record label Bumtapes, a Bristol based cassette label & Tape Duplication/Packaging Service.


Lisa Travers

Lisa Travers is a neurodivergent interdisciplinary artist. Her work is heavily influenced by pattern and geometry. She creates intricate three-dimensional kaleidoscopic collages which hypnotise and intrigue. The multi layered pieces are painstakingly hand cut using optical surgery scissors and knives.

As well as her contemporary collages Lisa designs wallpaper and fabric patterns for those who are looking for something beyond the mainstream. Lisa takes inspiration from many sources – anatomy, folk stories, pop art, punk, Victoriana, circus, biology, horror, entomology, curiosity cabinets, sci fi, psychiatry, psychedelia, the grotesque and the surreal.

Lisa has exhibited at the RWA, Spike Island and Bruton Art Factory and has designed work for Bestival and Glastonbury festivals.


Stokes Croft China

Peculiar china for peculiar people. By combining our huge treasure trove of historic print and ware with the street art and politics that abound in Stokes Croft, we produce unique yet distinctive china.

Shop at Stokes Croft China

Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft

PRSC- The People’s Republic of Stokes Croft (PRSC) is a community organisation. Its main aim is to provide benefit to the community by promoting the interests of the area which include creativity, culture and the local economy.

People’s Republic of Stokes Croft

A long, long time ago....

Past residents include Sepr, Bev Milward, Scot Burgoyne, The Bristol Cable, Denzel Dropkick, Sam Hall, Jack Tierney, and Lucy Danielle.