Current Projects

School of Activism 2019

In Easter 2019, the PRSC hosted a programme of workshops, events and activities designed to empower and inspire. From making a zine to building with eco-bricks; creating a photo story to planning a flash mob, the School of Activism helped people develop the tools to change the world.

Proper Bristol - Postcard Competition

proper bristol postcard competition stokes croft welcome icons bridge balloons

The imagery that a City chooses to portray itself is of the utmost importance. We call on the Bristol public to help us create a new series of postcards depicting the best and worst of our fair city.

People's Comedy

PRSC presents the launch of a revolutionary new night. The UK’s only sociopolitical comedy night, where Bristol’s satirists deconstruct the power paradigm to comedic effect, and the acts ACTUALLY get paid.


Bearpit PRSC current projects

The Bearpit is a “Community Action Zone”, a cultural “commons”, where we can experiment different, incremental and gentle approaches to public space. Over the years the Bearpit gained its own mascot Ursa; an Outdoor Gallery and Community Cube, and an Open Air Theatre.

Stokes Croft Mural Co.

Stokes Croft Murals Co. PRSC current projects

Founded in 2011 and based at PRSC HQ Stokes Croft.  The Stokes Croft Mural co. offers a place for artists to show their work on a grand scale.

Support our NHS

bearpit cube save our nhs sculpture non-corporate billboard community political bristol stokes croft prsc alternative art

Save our NHS, help it thrive.

The Loovre Gallery

The Loovre Gallery and Facilities logo

This distinctive gallery creatively and playfully emphasises the originality of the artworks and the character of their makers.

Stokes Croft Land Trust

Land Trust PRSC current projects

The way to have control over our destiny, is to hold our resources in common. A Stokes Croft Land Trust is the response to yet more gentrification the area. Owned by us, working for us.


M32 PRSC current projects

We are involved in reclaiming the neglected M32 underpass for the community, and support the M32 Spot DIY skatepark.

Carriageworks and Westmoreland House

Carriageworks and Westmoreland House PRSC current projects

The Carriageworks and Westmoreland House site is of paramount importance to the future of Stokes Croft; a high-profile example of what we want to achieve within our local area and a symbol for those outside our community looking in.

Street Survival

A skill-sharing or self-help session for local rough-sleepers on Tuesday afternoons from 2-4pm, in the PRSC Space. Long-term homeless people are invited to share their survival skills, tips and tricks with people finding themselves on the streets for the first time.

Street Stories

A collaborative project between PRSC, UWE, Frequently Asked Questions (and you!), collecting stories from all levels of housing security – from home owners to van dwellers to rough sleepers to rental tenants – to show that issues of housing insecurity affect us all.

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Our venue, The Space is a hive of activity, with an array of small and alternative events taking place.

Stokes Croft China designs and produces the finest radical china money can buy, supporting PRSC's work.

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