Current Projects

Creative Summer Workshops

colin moody prsc street photography workshop bristol creative

Starting in the summer of 2018, the Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft and Stokes Croft China are expanding their workshop range. In addition to our China Decorating Workshop, we are now also running workshops for street photography, graffiti, puppet making, and mosaic making.

The Apothecaire on Stokes Croft

corruptisima republice plurimae leges tacitus annals graffiti street art stokes croft bristol stencil apothecaire drugs transform the more corrupt the state the more laws

The collection of legal and illegal drugs addresses the arcane and bizarre drug laws.

Carriageworks and Westmoreland House

Carriageworks and Westmoreland House PRSC current projects

The Carriageworks and Westmoreland House site is of paramount importance to the future of Stokes Croft; a high-profile example of what we want to achieve within our local area and a symbol for those outside our community looking in.


Bearpit PRSC current projects

The Bearpit is a “Community Action Zone”, a cultural “commons”, where we can experiment different, incremental and gentle approaches to public space. Over the years the Bearpit gained its own mascot Ursa; an Outdoor Gallery and Community Cube, and an Open Air Theatre.

Stokes Croft Mural Co.

Stokes Croft Murals Co. PRSC current projects

Founded in 2011 and based at PRSC HQ Stokes Croft.  The Stokes Croft Mural co. offers a place for artists to show their work on a grand scale.


M32 PRSC current projects

We are involved in reclaiming the neglected M32 underpass for the community, and support the M32 Spot DIY skatepark.