Street Stories

A project by PRSC – in partnership with UWE and Frequently Asked Questions*

What is this?

PRSC invites you to join a project collecting audio stories of housing, homelessness and housing insecurity in Bristol. Using an interview flowchart along with any audio recording device (you can use a mobile phone) we ask you to interview friends, colleagues and everyone else, about their experiences of housing in Bristol. Our intention is to collect stories from all levels of housing security – from home owners to van dwellers to rough sleepers to rental tenants – to show that issues of housing insecurity affect us all.

What happens then?

These audio stories will be passed on to the design and technology team at UWE who will develop systems to allow as many people to access them as possible. We also intend to share these stories through our community radio platform PRSC Radio.

How do I get involved?
» Click here to download a PDF of everything you need: info sheet, how to, release form and questions «
  1. If you already have an audio recording device then congratulations! You can skip to step 2.
    If not, you will need to download an app onto your phone that allows you to record audio; we recommend Easy Voice Recorder.
  2. Read through the advice in the “How to record an interview” sheet to make sure you end up with a usable recording.
  3. Find someone to interview!
  4. Check your interviewee is happy to be recorded and have their stories shared publicly, then get them to sign our Release Form.
  5. Interview them using the questions in our Street Stories Question Sheet, following the flow chart. Make sure you state the name of the person (just first name is fine) at the beginning of the interview.
  6. Check that the recording worked and that you don’t need to re-record anything.
  7. Send your recording and the signed release form to email hidden; JavaScript is required*we absolutely cannot use any recordings unless they are accompanied by a signed release form*
  8. Interview more people!
Thank you! Love from Team PRSC