1 in 20 students in the UK are turning to working in the sex industry to fund their education.

Drawn directly from exhaustive interviews, Fog of Sex brings to the screen, the real life testimonies of students currently working within the UK sex industry.

Wednesday 25th November 7pm – Suggested Donation £2.

Tree years in the making, this documentary-drama recreates the stories and experiences of nine female sex workers who balance a life in Higher Education, with life as a sex worker. To preserve anonymity the student sex workers are played by actors, all the dialogue however drawn directly from interview transcripts. This frank and constantly surprising film does not judge and does not take sides, it presents the stories ‘as they were told’ and leaves room for the audience to debate.

Fog of sex has won two BAFTA Cymru awards – Best cinematography and a ‘breakthrough’ award for the producers ‘visual influence’.

“This is no patronising exposé…. and it’s perhaps this impartiality that gives Fog of Sex its bare-bones, data-driven elegance…Fog of Sex escalates the viewer’s emotional investment along with the stakes and the accounts become dark. Very dark…This is the sort of film making that educates rather than desensitises. It demonises neither men nor women and there is no hyperrealism for gossipy audiences to fetishise… Each shot is rendered with exquisite symmetry and richness of colour, and it’s done with the restrained visual trickery of a veteran documentarian… Fog of Sex is a powerful piece of film making that shines a nuanced, pathos-smattered light on the realm of student sex work. It reveals to us what we don’t want to hear: that sexual exploitation is as much a product of our education system and economy as it is the machinations of the cruel. The only people left to combat the tide are the universities and the cinemas and that, like the final moments of Fog  of Sex, is perhaps a small ray of hope”. The Metropolist’: http://www.themetropolist.com/film/reviews/fog-of-sex/

Fog of Sex is directed by BAFTA award winning documentary film maker Christopher Morris. The film is entirely researched, produced and filmed by staff, graduates and students of Newport Film School. The film is made as part of The Student Sex Work Project, a lottery funded research study run by Swansea University.