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From chinaware to activism and non-commercial art, PRSC is a hub for radical expression. We are a dynamic collective of artists & activists committed to cultivating and facilitating a spectrum of events, workshops and activities driven by the needs of the communities it supports. We believe that the world needs spaces in which to share skills, ideas, stories and tools and we believe that this should be low cost and available to everyone, regardless of their financial income.

There are many aspects of PRSC that rely on the support of volunteers, and we have compiled a list of roles below. What tends to work well is to get involved in one of these roles at first in order to get to know the PRSC a bit better, and then we can offer other opportunities and projects depending on your interest and availability. We are all doing a little bit of everything here, from tidying the venue after events to mural painting, and invite our volunteers to do the same.

Please complete the application form if you’re up for getting involved, or get in touch with us at email hidden; JavaScript is required if you have any questions or just want to talk through anything. Once you have filled in the application form we will respond as soon as possible to schedule a volunteer induction.

Shop Assistants

Stokes Croft China funds the community work of the People’s Republic of Stokes Croft. We decorate fine bone china, using salvaged ceramic transfers from a bygone era. In our local studio and factory we create our own designs, and work with commissions and bespoke wholesale orders. We also run friendly, creative workshops for people to make their own unique piece of ware. Profits from our lovely china shop go directly back into supporting PRSC’s community activism and artistic activities.

● Help us make and maintain displays of the art made here
● Speak with the customers and make the shop a good atmosphere to be in
● Pack orders and support the logistical running of the shop
● Create content for Stokes Croft China social media

Time commitment:
● A regular afternoon slot at least once or twice per month


We organise paintenance work sessions regularly on Wednesdays, for keeping up with the painting and maintenance of the PRSC buildings and always welcome new volunteers to join. Working days can be more flexible for volunteers with more experience and those who are up for working more independently.

● Interior and exterior painting
● Decorating
● Repairing and upgrading our buildings

Time commitment:
● Regular Wednesday afternoons

Events Assistants

As well as hiring out the venue we also regularly run our own in-house events, such as the People’s Art Fair and the School of Activism, and we are always looking for volunteers to help plan, promote and manage these events, as well as supporting the events run by organisers who are hiring the space. We can offer regular event training sessions to learn how to work with the venue and equipment and then get you signed up to help with any of our upcoming events.

● Help to staff the cafe/bar; assist with workshops; invigilate exhibitions; help out at the opening nights etc.
● Help to promote our in-house events, such as creating content for social media, creating listings and putting up posters.
● Help to document and record events, including editing material from past events

Time commitment:
● Flexible, depending on times of events

Murals & Walls

Throughout the year we paint colourful, topical and political artwork in Stokes Croft and around the city, and have opportunities for volunteers to get involved no matter your level of experience, as long as you are comfortable handling a paintbrush.

● We need help occasionally with large scale artworks, such as on our Outdoor Gallery Wall as well as on other locations in Bristol
● On a weekly basis we need help with painting over tags on our buildings and touching up existing murals
● Assisting at Paint Jams from time to time

Time commitment:
● Flexible

Peoples Art Club

Every Tuesday from 2-4pm we host open creative sessions, the Peoples Art Club and Community Drop-in space where we sort and distribute DOPE magazine, tents and sleeping bags.

● Assist with the creative activities
● Greet our visitors
● Sort and distribute kit for people on the street
● Bag up and distribute DOPE Magazine
● Donate tents, sleeping bags, blankets, waterproof coats & shoes.

Time commitment:
● Availability from 2-4pm on Tuesday afternoons, at least once per month

School of Activism

Our School of Activism is a series of affordable workshops, events, exhibitions and talks designed to empower and galvanise people to make positive change in their local communities, and in the wider world.

In 2023 we will be organising these throughout the year and welcome proposals from facilitators, trainers and speakers if you have ideas for sessions which you would like to organise in collaboration with us at PRSC. We offer all sessions on a pay-what-you-can basis or for donations, with no one turned away due to lack of funds

● Facilitating workshops, film screenings, discussions or other sessions
● Collaborating with activists and facilitators to organise sessions
● Event promotion

Time commitment:
● Flexible

Other Roles

We often have administrative jobs that we need help with, which might seem less exciting than other jobs but are nonetheless important for us to function.

Grant funding helps us to run more community projects free of charge and we would love some extra help with this. We can provide what is already compiled from previous grant applications and add the finishing touches before sending an application off.

Media and Marketing
Help us to promote our in-house events and communicate with the world. We need help creating content for social media, creating listings, updating press lists and writing press releases, documenting and recording events, editing media material from past events and more.

PRSC Community Gathering

Once every month we host a gathering for all volunteers, staff and resident artists and organisations at PRSC to get us all talking to each other, finding spaces for collaboration and forming the creative PRSC community that was always envisioned for this building.

Get in touch!

There is always space to get involved with other areas of PRSC work if you have a few hours to spare each week or want to take on a more long term role or project. If you have noticed other things we should be doing, or if you have skills and ideas that you would like to bring to the PRSC in other capacities, don’t be shy – let us know!

If you have a particular skillset which is not directly related to the roles above but which you would like to contribute with to the PRSC, then we would love to know. For example if you are a filmmaker, welder, architect, marketer, health worker or any number of other professions. Sometimes we need help from volunteers with very particular skills

Please get in touch with us at email hidden; JavaScript is required if you’re up for taking on one of these roles or in other way get involved with what we do at PRSC.

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