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How can I help?

There are many great projects at PRSC that rely on the support of volunteers. From painting to admin, cleaning to creating, carpentry to book-keeping, web editing to tiling, along with the specific opportunities mentioned below. Please complete the application form if you’re up for getting involved.

Monthly arts fairs

The thing: From February 2020 PRSC has been running a monthly arts fair / market. The event kicks off on the second Friday of every month from 6-9pm with an exhibition opening & live music night. The exhibition will run alongside a makers market on the Saturday at which we hope to offer a range of creative workshops.

As well as providing a platform for local artists and makers, we intend to run the Saturday market as a ‘solidarity event’ offering free/subsidised pitches to refugees, asylum seekers, the homeless and others at risk of exclusion. The capacity for this event to grow will depend on how much help we can get.

The help we need:

  • Events assistants: Each month we need volunteers to help staff the cafe/bar; assist with workshops; set up the market; hang the art show; help out at the opening party.
  • Bookings assistants: Over the whole month we need help dealing with all the inquiries from artists and makers, and getting them booked in to the events.
  • PR assistant: These events will only work if lots of people know about them. We need help sharing info all over social media, creating listings and putting up posters.

These roles will involve some training and can grow into: market manager, exhibition manager, and party facilitator.

Maintenance Help

The thing: Helping to keep PRSC and the neighbourhood clean, tidy and functioning

The help we need:

  • Maintenance assistants: a casual drop in role, we need help keeping the yard clean, removing tags from the building, trying to keep Turbo Island tidy etc.

School of Activism

The thing: Over the Easter Holidays (Friday 3rd – Sunday 19th April 2020) we will be running the School of Activism 2.0, a two week programme of free and affordable workshops, talks & events. We can only achieve this if we have lots of wonderful volunteer help.

The help we need:

  • Fundraising Assistants: we need to raise some money to fund these activities – launching a crowdfunder, running a raffle, putting on a fundraising gig – can you help?
  • Workshop / activity leaders: do you have a particular skill / area of expertise? Want to lead a workshop?
  • Workshop / activity assistants: help keep the event running smoothly.
  • PR assistant: Help to promote the programme and the individual activities. Sharing info all over social media, creating listings and putting up posters.

Do you have a few hours you can spare each week?
Would you prefer to take on a more long term role?

We are also looking for volunteers to take on the roles of:

  • Diversity Officer – help us become a more diverse organisation that better reflects the local community.
  • China Sales Assistant – help us sell china & thus fund the rest of our awesome work.
  • Venue Hire Assistant – help to manage the venue bookings.
  • Fundraising Officer – help us raise some cash!
  • Legal Walls Campaigner – help us agitate for legal graffiti walls in Bristol.

Phew! That isn’t everything we need help with, if you have noticed other things we should be doing, or if you have skills and ideas that you would like to bring to the PRSC in other capacities, don’t be shy – let us know! Please contact email hidden; JavaScript is required if you’re up for getting involved in any way.

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