People's Art Fair: Winter Edition

4-20 December 2020
Virtual Exhibition Tour

This is the biggest and most impressive art fair yet, featuring over 40 artists and over 230 original works of art. It took the PRSC crew two full days to install it all, then a few more days of working furiously to create our first online exhibition – ENTER THROUGH THE MAIN DOORS!

If you are tired of seeing the world through a digital screen, we will be physically opening as a pop-up shop several times in the next two weeks, so you can see the show in person, get an art fix and support local creatives at the same time as doing some Christmas shopping.

Opening times:
Thursday 10 December: 4-8pm
Saturday 12 & Sunday 13 December: 12-6pm
Wednesday 16 December: 4-8pm
Saturday 19 & Sunday 20 December: 12-6pm

Click through the main doors to visit the virtual exhibition, sit back and enjoy the video tour below, scroll down to see artist information, or just get straight to the business of buying some artwork

The People’s Art Fair goes digital!

In the bleak mid-winter with the cold nights drawing in, Bristol in lockdown, a global pandemic rolling through our communities, Brexit on the near horizon, economic collapse looming from every side and a tory government barely holding things together, those of us not out grouse shooting or visiting Barnard castle need to bring a little colour and magic back in our lives.

The People’s Art Fair Winter Edition brings together forty amazing artists, ready to dazzle you with their work. The closed doors of lockdown this year have hidden a frenetic world of quiet creativity, and these creations are now ready to spill out into the world. Featuring spray paint, collage, photography, cyanotype, stencils, bone china, metal work, dominoes, paper sculpture, acrylics, clay, illustration, screen print, glass painting, fairy lights, beeswax, biro ink and various weird trinkets found on the floor, as always the People’s Art Fair brings you a cornucopia of visual art to suit every taste and temperament.

The People’s Art Fair is a platform and celebration of local creativity, featuring established Bristol artists alongside bright young talent exhibiting for the first time, and with pieces celebrating everyday beauty; or exploring issues of race or gender; challenging power dynamics; or capturing a fantasy on canvas, this show is guaranteed to offer up something for everyone.

Artists: Alfa, Amy Vans, Anita Lanzetta, Annie Rose, Badgrl Ruru, Beautiful Things in Foreign Lands, Bev Milward, Britta Glass Art, Cassidy Grace, Colin Moody, Dan Petley, Daniel Jones, Disphoria Art, DNT, Domino Project, Extempore Art, Gazu, Hasan Kamil, Hola, Kes Draws Fights, Klaudia Guzak , Lazulimoon, Lisa Furness, Lisa Travers, Lyndsay Grant-Muller, Maryem Meddeb, Mez, Mr Sleven, Object…, Octopus Odyssey, Oshii, Pablo, Phil Constable, Raluca Bobis, Rocio E Bucheli, Stella Macarthur, Stokes Croft China, Zamzam, Zed in the Clouds, Zlyzab and more.

Artists: Alfa, Amy Vans, Anita Lanzetta, badgrl ruru, Beautiful Things in Foreign Lands, Bev Milward, Britta Glass Art, Cassidy Grace, Colin Moody, Dan Petley, Daniel Jones, DNT, Domino Project, Extempore Art, Gazu, Hasan Kamil, Hola, Jacob Moon, Joanne Fowler, Kaz, Kes Draws Fights, Klaudia Guzak, Lazulimoon, Lisa Furness, Lisa Travers, Lyndsay Grant-Muller, Mandi Collingridge, Maryem Meddeb, Mez, Mike Stuart, Mr Sleven, Object…, Octopus Odyssey, Oshii, Pablo, Phil Constable, Raluca Bobis, Rocio E Bucheli, Sonic, Stella MacArthur, Stokes Croft China, Zamzam, Zed in the Clouds, and Zlyzab.

Meet The Artists

Annie Rose

Annie is an artist from Bristol, UK. she loves spending her time drawing and painting, mostly naked people and plants. Her work mainly explores vulnerability, and the quiet confidence which comes with being intimate with yourself. Looking at these moments of reflection that we all have, and bringing them to life with vibrant colour and strong lines.

Daniel Jones

Danny is a young Bristol based artist working with hand forged metal art.


DNT is a veteran Bristol street artist who’s work explores the paradoxes of 21st century life using varied media including stencils, papier mache, chess pieces, ink and paper. His artistic influences are as varied as his techniques ranging from, to comic book art to Art Deco.


I’m Gazu, an illustrator, artworker, and graphic designer mostly interested in people in my visual arts. I’m self taught in portraits and life drawing. In 2018 I have become interested in motion art. I’m currently studying animation course at UWE Bristol.

Kes Draws Fights

I draw protests, fights, riots and battles out of interest in the subject matter and because I love the chaos of bodies flying about all over the place. Protests and riots allow me to draw subject matter that I am passionate about and the historic battles allow me to indulge my interest in the past. I hope to continue my protest and riots of Bristol series with a new piece every year.

Mandi Collingridge

Wiltshire-based photographer, poet, consumptive Victorian werewolf in a bloodstained antique lace dress

Maryem Meddeb

Stokes Croft China’s very own Maryem likes to paint nudes.


Mr.Sleven is a sentient bean, helming from the never realms of middle earth (also know as the East Midlands). From an early age he’s been scrawling images on any form canvas he can get his grubby paint stained paws on. His canvasses and street work are heavily influenced by a long list of introverted musings to extensively long to mention.

Phil Constable

Phil Constable is an artist and printmaker. Empty high-rise flats, a path in the woods and family photographs, all serve as subjects that comment on the economic and structural climate, reflecting the changing surrounding landscape. Layering images via screen print, utilising half-tone photography, symbols, mark making with gold and silver gilding on various surfaces including paper, board, and glass. Work expands from site-specific installations in New York to moving image light installations in London.
He currently lives in Cheshire and works in his studio that was previously a medical practice.


Zamzam (Zz) is a Bristol-based artist with a background creating murals, sets, signs and Illustration. Her work explores her love for nature, movement, mythology and the otherworldly – through striking and playful fantastical styles.

Stokes Croft China

Beautiful original artwork created by talented arrists of the Stokes Croft China workshop. Combining vintage print with a modern aesthetic and flavouring the whole with a political wit, Stokes croft China presents peculair china for a peculiar society.

Anita Lanzetta

Anita explores a wide range of art disciplines. Her artistic roots are based in the fashion industry which continues to influence her use of textiles and mixed media. During her time at UWE she has focused on the practice of painting, with influences from Renaissance, Baroque and Abstract Expressionist art. Anita explores the inner shapes of the human being and its perception of feelings:
She is interested in identity, sexuality, self consciousness and awareness, and the way us humans deal with our personalities and egos. The representations of these human features is indicated in her use of colours, exploring the relationships of specific colours when placed next to others. Anita also uses patterns and shapes that translate feelings and emotions, creating a connection between the colours she uses and how we respond to the flow they create.

Bev Milward

I have been working in a form of encaustic collage since December 2019. I enjoy the way that detail can be built up quickly using paper and coloured wax.
I work on boards found on the streets, using spray paint, images found in old books, beeswax, coloured wax and oil pastels exploring various techniques. Some boards are blank to start with others have existing paint and textures which I incorporate. I enjoy fashioning an idea or a fantasy out of objects that already exist.
During the restrictions of the Covid-19 lockdown it has been an invaluable means of expression. Over time I hope, like my ceramics, they will build to become a narrative of this unprecedented time in all of our lives.

Dan Petley

Dan makes paintings and other objects to be displayed or worn as relics, exploring the theme of art pieces as objects with divine power by playfully meditating on their devolved roles as public and private property.

Extempore Art

My art is expressive unplanned and intuitive which explores themes such as belonging and identity, what it means to be human.
Using the concepts such as the feeling of being an alien, the thoughts of the vast cosmos, nature and our place within the universe or a lone wolf (plus they’re fun to paint), I paint textured colourful energetic acrylic paintings.
I love the physicality of painting and it being its own form of communication to better understand myself and others, connecting to community where ever possible


Using the idiom of illustration and being inspired by contemporary art, I explore forms from nature in my work.
Using a variety of media, such as paint and sculpture, my work often focuses on the theme of nature and my surroundings. Based in Bristol, I have put on exhibitions as part of the group ‘Aliens of the Art World’, as well as working at a Bristol Pride event doing live painting for the Bitch Please! Group.

Lisa Travers

Lisa Travers is a neurodiverse mixed media artist based in Bristol. Her works are heavily influenced by pattern and geometry and predominantly made from materials destined for landfill. They explore issues relevant to Lisa’s life such as feminism, health, social and environmental issues. Her three-dimensional collages resemble kaleidoscopes, her current obsession. These multi layered pieces are all painstakingly hand cut using optical surgery scissors and knives.

Octopus Odyssey

Octopus Odyssey is a linguist and multi-disciplinary artist based in Bristol. Her work spans between visual arts, audio installations, and physical theatre/clowning performances. Common themes amongst her work include; mental health, art as an explorative and healing tool, as well as social and environmental activism.

Stella Macarthur

A Bristol based artist working on paintings, costume and set design, Stella is one of a number of artists joining the People’s Art Fair for the first time.


DIY punk illustrations and stickers

Amy Vans

Vibrant, abstract paintings in acrylic on canvas. I work very spontaneously, regularly changing my palette and experimenting with different processes. I use acrylic paint and sometimes mixed media to create a rich surface texture with many layers, using pattern and contrast to add depth and to lead the eye across the canvas. Colour is paramount, with many different techniques contributing to my creative process.

Badgrl Ruru

Ru’s Nudes, known as @badgrl.ruru on social media sites, is a campaign to promote the realistic, honest and destigmatised representation of womxn’s bodies in art form, to reflect the forms of art they truly are. It began as a body positivity and empowerment movement which has grown and developed into an angry fight against the impermissibility of female sexuality and the policing of womxn’s bodies. This was sparked by both the policing of my artwork by instagram and the overwhelmingly positive response to my pieces of art. I drew a link between the reaction to the content I was creating and the current political context and contemporary debates such as around womxn’s rights, transgender rights and abortion law. Clearly, this is a conversation that needs to be had.

Cassidy Grace

Photographer Cassidy Grace will be showcasing black & white documentary photography, focusing on some political issues that people in the UK have faced over the last 5 years.

Mike Stuart

You can see the people and architecture of Stokes Croft and Bristol leaking into local artist Mike’s work, which explores social commentary and societal anxieties, filtered through symbolism, dreams and mythology, in a richly detailed maximalist style. After drawing exclusively in Biro for several years, Mike has turned to colour since the first lockdown to bring warmth and empathy to his recent work during these anxious times.

Jacob Moon

I’m an artist based in Bristol and a lot of my core values when making art and expressing myself line up with the collected values of stokes croft. My work is often based on the world around me, real life events and how they effect me as a i process them, often regarding political events or social injustices, I try to be all inclusive with my work and cover issues that dont just affect me directly but the collective as a whole. My work has been described as surrealist and psychedelic, I feel bright colours make my sometimes hard to swallow themes easier to digest and allow them to retain appeal.

Lisa Furness

Art photographer, specialising in squatted communities, empty man-made scenes, and forgotten places.

Klaudia Guzak

A Hungarian artist from Slovakia, living in Bristol.

Lyndsay Grant-Muller

These are one-off Cyanotypes that capture the detail of natural forms collected and stuffed up my sleeves on my morning jogs along the Thames and Severn Canal.
The process involves placing objects on sensitised paper in the sun, some exposures range from twenty minutes to three days. Each one varies depending on the intensity and angle of the sun on the sky.
Scientist, Sir John Herschel, originally pioneered the process in 1842, to reproduce diagrams and later went on to inspire Anna Atkins in recording her botanical forms.


Object… is a mixed media artist, who’s work encompases tiny altered collage books, and large-scale murals. Found ideas, images and objects are combined with original elements, to create new narratives and expressions. They try in their work to combine the personal with the political, and intuition with the cerebral…

Raluca Bobis

Raluca Bobis is an artist inspired by the texture, shapes and colors of nature, transforming them into surreal illustrations and sculptures.

Beautiful Things in Foreign Lands

Tiny tales of adventure in a sun-soaked technicolour dreamland.

Britta Glass Art

Brittany has just moved into one of the PRSC artist studios. She makes street art and reverse glass painting and gilding with gold leaf.

Colin Moody

Street photographer Colin Moody is driven by a passion for community, humanity and creativity. Based in Hotwells he sets out daily to capture vibrant street photography and create photo journals of life in and around Bristol. His photography has appeared in feature films, tv programmes, journals, national and regional newspapers and magazines, and in two books celebrating local culture.

Charlotte Harris

Charlotte is a new young talet, spotted by PRSC during a graffiti skills couse with Creative Youth Network, and invited to bring something new to this exhibition. Her artwork above combines poetry, painting and stencil techniques, to explore an emotional response to the virus. We expect great things from this young lady.

Domino Project

A collaborative domino painting project brought to you by the people behind the Brick project, and the recent Moon Temple revamp.


Alfa is a new young talent, spotted by PRSC during a graffiti skills course with Creative Youth Network, and invited to create something fresh for this exhibition. We can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next.


Residing as a maker and thinker in Bristol, UK, and working under the name Lazulimoon, Lola Ives utilizes creative arts as a way to explore the world around her, to find a common ground to present the ideas which she forms to others. Art is a powerful language that she is continuously learning to communicate with. To do so, Lola works with the following disciplines; public art installation, creative writing, collage, drawing, performance, and mixed media textiles sculpture. Lola’s current practice is focused conceptually on exploring the transformation of the Earth and humanity through a variety of projects. Lola’s intention is to create visual and poetic tools that encourage the viewer or participant to think deeply about the current shift in consciousness taking place. Aiming to harness the power of thought, imagination, and manifestation to inspire and create personal, collective, and planetary transformation.


I paint in all sorts of mediums oil ink acrylic… In an expressionist style I guess. But I’m just playing around with styles at the moment, using wood and things I find on the streets.


Oshii works with painting and collage techniques to produce bright, bold canvases. His striking work explores urgent social themes such as race, fatherhood and prejudice.

Rocio E Bucheli

My work includes oil and encaustic paintings. In contrast I also make scrolls that are ink drawings on rice paper. I am a Colombian British artist. In my work there is a confrontation of cultures and this is what I celebrate with art and faith, with imaginary landscapes and figures that comes from nature.
In my work you will be able to perceive a contrast of colours in the paintings and a monochrome style in the scrolls, so you can decide what to pick according to you taste. The scrolls can be seen as as new interpretation and approach to oriental works. They are large enough to bring a tranquil atmosphere to any space. Also Small encaustic paintings.

Zed in the Clouds

My name is Zed in the Clouds, I’m a multi-disciplinary artist working in a lot of different mediums. I specialise in murals but I also do a lot of illustrative/design-led projects alongside making and selling my own work. My influences are eclectic to say the least but I would definitely consider hip-hop culture to be the most significant source of inspiration for my work/visual language. I also love old school cartoons/comics Like Asterix, Garfield and Calvin and Hobbes. I am available for commissioned work in a variety of formats so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have an idea you would like me to bring to life!