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24H OUR CITY – The People of the Croft

For the opening of our exhibition 24H OUR CITY – The People Of The Croft photographer Claudio Ahlers and installation artist Sarah Middleton invited visitors to re-live the 24-hours they spend capturing photographic portraits of passers-by, artists, residents, activists, tourists, homeless people, professionals – the people of the Croft – in a colourful living room set in front of the iconic mural at the corner of City Road and Stokes.
For one night and one day only the entire set of photographs from 24H OUR CITY was projected in real-time in the PRSC gallery while we celebrated the people who make Stokes Croft the extraordinary place that it is with sets from local musicians, performance artists, acrobats and poets.
A selection of prints, unique audio interviews with some of the sitters in the images about their personal connection with Stokes Croft and a film documenting the original shoot on 5. and 6. December 2017 were on display for the duration of the exhibition.

During the 24-hour opening reception visitors could also choose to have their photograph taken in the original 24H OUR CITY set which was on display in the gallery, and take away a fine art print of their photograph.

Just as the original 24H OUR CITY space was an invitation to people to come and rest, to make themselves at home, to step away from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives and to find a sense of belonging in the street, so was this special twenty-four-hour exhibition opening an opportunity to connect with the people of the Croft, to their stories and to write another memorable day into the colourful history of the Stokes Croft we love.

Below is a selection of photographs from the 24h Stokes Croft project. A fine art print of these photographs is for sale on request.

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