A few weeks ago we were asked to make a particularly diverse range of china.  The print we were using ranged from original 1960’s brown stars and floral Meissen to Joe strummer quotes and Relentless Optimism by Jamaica Street artist Rose Vickers.  In the workshop we were given free rein to decorate save for the logo of the client Rockaway.



yardRockaway, what is Rockaway? Became somewhat of a phrase around the workshop and no one knew the answer.  ‘It’s kind of loads of stuff’ was the best I could get out of Flora. So we decided to deliver the order down the road to Temple Cloud to see what the hell is going on down there!


We were greeted by Mark and Marta who made us a wonderful lunch and showed us around.  Rockaway was once a quarry that became a scrapyard which since bought by Mark has become a hub for performing artists, large scale makers/ fabricators and graffiti artists.


Jet engines, ancient vintage trucks, crushed cars, sculptures, music practice room, rocket, yoga studio and meeting room, cockerels and cop cars all reside in this inspiring utopia.  You can stay here on AirBNB in the nose cone of an aeroplane if you like.




We spent a very happy afternoon taking pictures of our china at Rockaway.


The pieces and their environment are perfect for each other. Many thanks to Mark and Marta they gave us a loose brief and we all feel the results have paid off.


We are very receptive to making something totally unique for your home or business.    For more information contact Bev or Flora at Stokes Croft China.