Stokes Croft Walls

Stokes Croft Walls

Apart from the PRSC Outdoor Gallery in Jamaica Street, there are many communal walls in Stokes Croft attracting artistic talent. Colourful examples of walls great and small can be observed daily.

Think Local – No Tesco mural on the junction between Stokes Croft and Sydenham Road.

A variety of painting and visuals are added to Stokes Croft on a daily basis. Head to our Flickr for an archive of works in the area.

Stokes Croft paints its own future, thus enhancing its sense of identity; its sense of community. Because of the economically challenged nature of our quarter, many of the locations in Stokes Croft form gaps in the normal commercial landscape. This can be seen as a disadvantage; a gap-toothed smile. PRSC sees only opportunity: the opportunity to flavour forever the visual nature of our quarter.


E.W. Godwin adorning the Carriageworks.

To see more examples of street art and painting in and around Stokes Croft, head to our Walls page.

Turbo Island legal wall

As the walls on the Carriageworks became unavailable for painting, we installed some boards on Turbo Island. And then you walk past and find gems like this (artwork by HazardOne, Keep it Colourful, Soap, January 2019).

My body will not be a tomb for other creatures – Leonardo Da Vinci

Artwork by Object…/PRSC, January 2018 on Thomas Street in Stokes Croft.


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There's always something afoot in Stokes Croft. New murals, art installations, a guerrilla digging up of Turbo Island.

Our venue, The Space is a hive of activity, with an array of small and alternative events taking place.

Stokes Croft China designs and produces the finest radical china money can buy, supporting PRSC's work.

And then there's updates about the Bearpit project, community ownership of land, banner making workshops, and so on. 

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