Free Musical Workshops & Jam-Party!!

[4.00-6.45 pm Workshops][7.00- 8.00pm Mega-Jam Session]

“Spend your Sunday evening playing music with a big group of people, who’ve never played together before, and probably haven’t even played an instrument before! The evening starts with 3 hours of rolling Musical Workshops (Voice, Percussion and Keyboards) suitable for anyone, from absolute “never-even-seen-a-keyboard-before” beginners and upwards. Join us at any time that suits you, for as long as you like, sit back and grab a drink when you need a break while experiencing the unique fun and joy of playing music with each other.

Over those three hours together we’ll run through activities that will instantly get us all making music together, as well as learning the different fundamentals of music. The workshop is designed so that it can be joined and left at any time so drop in and out to suit you. By the end of the three hours, we’ll have a repertoire of skills that will create the backing track for the last hour, a Jam Session to which all musicians are invited to support the learning experience of our courageous beginners adding their talents over the skills our new musicians have learnt in the first session.

Musicians please come down from shortly before 7 for the Jam, with your instruments, or earlier if we need to get you set up on the PA.

If you’re a little unsure about the format, or how you can get involved, get in touch via our website and we’ll get straight back to you! This is a bit of an experiment so come along with an open mind and some aspirations and we’ll make some noise together!!

To find out more about the Jam Factory head to or even drop by on the night just to chat to Ben and James about what we do.”