Murals For Green Fringe

We started the year by painting the Bearpit Cube with message inspired by Naomi Klein’s inspirational book, “This Changes Everything”.



We followed it up in February with a tour de force by 3_Dom, which was painted on the PRSC Outdoor Gallery wall.150200_3dom_3web150200_3dom_2web


In April, Voyder painted Icarus falling from the skies, seemingly obsessed with his  mobile phone.  This mural was heavily tagged after a couple of weeks, which is unusual for the Ourdoor Gallery, so Voyder framed a visual response. (See videos below).2015.03-untitled-5013-Edit 2015.03-untitled-5249-Edit

In June, we scrubbed, swept and then we painted the Gatton Road fence, which runs a full 90 metres alongside the M32, where the words “Keep the oil in the Soil” seem most appropriate.