Street Chess

Street Chess Origins

February 5, 2011

Street Chess using road traffic cones was an idea that developed in Stokes Croft as a response to the perceived negativity of public space in the area. The use of cones was born of necessity. The abundance of traffic cones found on the streets gave us the idea of creating a chess set from what was already in the streets, for use in the streets.


We offer a complete kit for all public spaces… the kit includes the following:

  • A full set of 32 x 500mm traffic cone chess pieces, painted and stencilled ready for action.
  • To include 4 spare cones 2x black and 2x white stenciled.
  • A set of thin card stencils (6) uncut. To be cut by purchaser as and when necessary
  • A stencil square for painting of chess board.

Delivered anywhere in the UK

PRICE £350 (Including Standard 3-day delivery)

If you require Carpet Tiles for grass surfaces we can supply 32 used tiles for £100 plus £30 postage in the UK

Contact us for availability


To make your own chess set, Find yourself 32 traffic cones. Take off any reflective coatings, rub down to get a rough surface. Paint 16 of them black, 16 of them white…

Make your self some stencils;

  • 1)Pawn
  • 2) Rook
  • 3) Knight
  • 4) Bishop
  • 5) King
  • 6) Queen.

Stencil the cones and you then have a fully functioning chess set.

To create a chessboard:

If you wish to play on Grass, Carpet tiles work well…


Make your self a stencil square of an appropriate size and then paint the ground alternately with black and white squares. The size of a chess board is 8×8…

If this is all too difficult, then you can buy a set from us in Stokes Croft