Venue Hire Terms & Conditions

Every public event needs an Event Host as a representative for the event. It is the responsibility of this event host to ensure that the guidelines below are met:

  • Host and stewards must complete a Health and Safety induction before the event
  • It is the responsibility of PRSC to induct the Event host and ensure all stewards are inducted to health and safety procedures. This must be done in advance of any set-up crew entering the building to set up.
  • Event hosts must be clear on:
    • Location of first aid kit
    • Fire exits, fire assembly points, and evacuation procedures
    • Location of toilets
  • It is the responsibility of the Host to inform others in their group of health and safety procedures:
    • No naked flames allowed within the building
    • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the building.
    • The recreational use of any drugs is strictly prohibited in the building
    • No additional lights or other electrical equipment, or extension from the existing electrical system shall be added without the permission of PRSC staff. Any electrical equipment must PAT tested with appropriate labeling prior to use
  • We are very happy for people to come decorate and make art. We would like to ask you to make good and leave the Space the way you found it
  • PRSC have the right to charge for any theft or physical damage made to equipment, property, or premises during the hire period
  • Fire escapes must be kept clear
  • Do not prop or leave fire doors open for any period of time
Event Host personal responsibility
  • The Event Host must be over 18 years old
  • It is the responsibility of the Event Host to insure against theft, loss or damage of equipment, or personal injury to themselves or any group of people for which they are responsible. PRSC will not be held liable for any claims in respect of damage, loss or injury other than those arising out of the act or omission of PRSC and its members
  • The Event Host should make their own arrangements to make sure their event is appropriately risk assessed and has adequate insurance cover. The Event Host may be required to present evidence of their own public liability insurance in advance
  • The Event Host shall agree numbers for the event party with the bookings coordinator in advance. The host must ensure that this number is not exceeded at anytime during their event
  • The Event Host must be sober and capable of dealing with an emergency at any time during the event
  • Ensure no person under 18 will be allowed into the building unsupervised
  • Do not begin using a room that is in an unsafe condition. Walkways and fire escape routes should be clear, the floor free from trailing cables, no spillages or condensation which could cause slips. If you do find the room in an unsafe condition please contact a PRSC member of staff to rectify the situation
  • Stop using a room that becomes unsafe during the booking
  • Any concerns or incidents should be flagged to us right away so that they can be logged
Clearing out
  • The host must clear down the Space back to its original state immediately after the close of the event
  • Any rubbish must be binned or removed
  • It is the responsibility of the host to leave at the agreed time

If there is alcohol at the event there must be an appropriate license agreement.


A non-refundable deposit of 50% total booking cost will be retained if you cancel the event 14 days or less before the booking date.
A non-refundable deposit of 100% total booking cost will be retained if you cancel the event 3 days or less before the booking date.