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Please allow for set up and pack down time and be aware of our opening hours. If you would like to run your event outside of the opening hours we will charge an extra £10 per hour.

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Please note, the Media Studio is the only room that is NOT wheelchair accessible.

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We have various bits of furniture which you can use to set up your room layout requirements.

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Projector (visuals only) - £20Projector (audio & visuals) - £40Small PA system with mics - £20Large PA system with mics - £50

Refreshments and licensed activities

PRSC The Space includes a kitchen/bar area where event managers can provide refreshments
(coffee and tea are supplied). If you would like to sell or supply any refreshments, you are
required to buy them through the PRSC Events team. Please enquire after a price list.

Would you like to provide refreshments during your event?

PRSC The Space is a licenced venue from 12noon until 9PM each day. If you would like to sell
or supply alcohol during your event, please complete the fields below and read our venue
conditions below.

Would you like to sell or supply alcohol during your event?

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The Premises

Address: PRSC the Space
17-25 Jamaica Street
Bristol BS2 8JP
Premises license: 17/05121/PREM
Area to which this notice is applicable: PRSC the Space. The
premises include an entrance on the corner of Jamaica Street and Hillgrove
St, a room measuring approx. 10x11m which includes a kitchen/bar area and
a toilet. Doors to other rooms are either locked, or provided with a fire
evacuation system. It is possible to restrict entry to the premises by placing a member of
staff at the entrance door.
Nature of the premises: The premises are multifunctional and function as a community hall.
For this event, the premises will be used as *:

Nature of the event *:

Licensable activities

Licensable activities: sale or supply of alcohol
Licence dates and times *:


Event times during which alcohol would be sold/supplied (21.00h latest end time)*:
Start time:
End time:
Maximum number of people at any one time that will be allowed in the venue during this
time (you need additional security for over 100 people)*:
Relevant entertainment during these hours (state if you plan to play amplified music and the end time of this)*:

Personal licence holders

All bar staff is inducted by a PRSC licence holder, and this training will be signed off.

Do you currently hold a valid personal licence? *:

The bar is run by trained bar staff? *:

Venue conditions

These precautions are being made:
The bar staff is appropriately trained regarding the supply of alcohol, preventing underage sales, dealing with difficult people.
Offered drinks are soft drinks, coffee, tea, beer, cider, wine (no spirits)
Bottles will be decanted in plastic or glass; no bottles will be given to the public
There is a First Aid box located in the bar/kitchen
There is an incident logbook in the kitchen
The bar will close at 9pm.
The event ends at 22.30pm at the latest. Everyone will be out and doors locked at 23.00pm
at the latest.
There will be water available after the bar closes.
Appropriate notices regarding underage sales prevention, smoking, drug prevention and
respecting the neighbours are advertised in the venue.


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PHONE: 0117 214 0029



Please read through our FAQs, make sure the venue is suitable for you and that you’re happy with the information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is PRSC?

We are in Stokes Croft, Bristol. You can contact us here.

Are there parking spaces for event organisers & participants?

On street pay and display car parking can be found throughout Stokes Croft and St Pauls. Additionally there are two car parks within 10 minutes walk; NCP on Bond Street and Cabot Circus on Newfoundland Circus BS2 9AB

Is there a bar / is it a licensed venue?

The Space is licenced to serve beer, wine, cider etc (not spirits) until 9pm. If you wish to carry out licensable activities after this time, you should obtain your own Temporary Events Notice.

We can run the bar for you, or if you wish to run it yourself, we stock it with local products (Wiper & True, , Butcombe, Essential and so on) which is charged to you at the cost price plus a small surcharge. You then charge whatever you like and keep the profits.

As a community organization we feel it is important to support local businesses. Please ask for a detailed price list.

Can you provide a catering service?

We don’t do catering, but if you would like to arrange something we can discuss some options.

How can I check for availability?

Look for your date(s) here: Our event calendar online is nearly always up to date.

Can I arrange a viewing prior to booking?

We understand the need to check out the venue before booking – we will try to accommodate this where possible.

I filled out and sent you my booking form, what happens next?

We will quote you for your booking and when you are happy we will confirm your booking by sending you a booking agreement. Once you have signed and returned the agreement our finance department will invoice you for the booking.

Do you need a deposit?

Full payment will be required to secure your booking.

What happens if I want to cancel my booking?

A non-refundable deposit of 50% total booking cost will be retained if you cancel the event 14 days before your booking date.

Do you have wifi in your venues?

We offer free wifi throughout the PRSC building. You will find the wifi code on posters in all spaces.

Will you help me promote my event?

 If you provide us with details we are happy to help promote your event via our website events page and PRSC Social Media.

There are 3 A2 poster frames on the PRSC building which you can use, as well as 2 A-boards (59cm X 88cm) on Jamaica Street.


Room prices

£120 per day (9AM to 10.30PM)
£15 per hour

We can discuss a discount for events that take more than 3 days.

Set up and Hire of Equipment

If you would like any assistance in setting up your event, this will be charged at £10 per hour.

Noise/timings: there must be no amplified noise after 22.30hrs. All guests must be out of the building and external doors locked by 23hrs at the latest.

Full payment will be required to secure your booking.

£20 p/p, min. 5 people
£30 per day (9am to 5pm)

£30 per evening (5pm to 11pm)

£10 per hour


Please read these conditions carefully

Terms & Conditions
Every public event needs an Event Host as a representative for the event. It is the responsibility of this event host to ensure that the guidelines below are met:

  • Host and stewards must complete a Health and Safety induction before the event
  • It is the responsibility of PRSC to induct the Event host and ensure all stewards are inducted to health and safety procedures. This must be done in advance of any set-up crew entering the building to set up.
  • Event hosts must be clear on:
    • Location of first aid kit
    • Fire exits, fire assembly points, and evacuation procedures
    • Location of toilets
  • It is the responsibility of the Host to inform others in their group of health and safety procedures:
    • No naked flames allowed within the building
    • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the building.
    • The recreational use of any drugs is strictly prohibited in the building
    • No additional lights or other electrical equipment, or extension from the existing electrical system shall be added without the permission of PRSC staff. Any electrical equipment must PAT tested with appropriate labeling prior to use
  • We are very happy for people to come decorate and make art. We would like to ask you to make good and leave the Space the way you found it
  • PRSC have the right to charge for any theft or physical damage made to equipment, property, or premises during the hire period
  • Fire escapes must be kept clear
  • Do not prop or leave fire doors open for any period of time

Event Host personal responsibility

  • The Event Host must be over 18 years old
  • It is the responsibility of the Event Host to insure against theft, loss or damage of equipment, or personal injury to themselves or any group of people for which they are responsible. PRSC will not be held liable for any claims in respect of damage, loss or injury other than those arising out of the act or omission of PRSC and its members
  • The Event Host should make their own arrangements to make sure their event is appropriately risk assessed and has adequate insurance cover. The Event Host may be required to present evidence of their own public liability insurance in advance
  • The Event Host shall agree numbers for the event party with the bookings coordinator in advance. The host must ensure that this number is not exceeded at anytime during their event
  • The Event Host must be sober and capable of dealing with an emergency at any time during the event
  • Ensure no person under 18 will be allowed into the building unsupervised
  • Do not begin using a room that is in an unsafe condition. Walkways and fire escape routes should be clear, the floor free from trailing cables, no spillages or condensation which could cause slips. If you do find the room in an unsafe condition please contact a PRSC member of staff to rectify the situation
  • Stop using a room that becomes unsafe during the booking
  • Any concerns or incidents should be flagged to us right away so that they can be logged

Clearing out

  • The host must clear down the space back to its original state immediately after the close of the event
  • Any rubbish must be binned or removed
  • It is the responsibility of the host to leave at the agreed time


If there is alcohol at the event there must be an appropriate license agreement.


A non-refundable deposit of 50% total booking cost will be retained if you cancel the event 14 days before your booking date.


We are happy to help promote your event if you provide us with details via our website events page and PRSC Social Media.

There are 3 A2 poster frames on the PRSC building which you can use, as well as an A-board on Jamaica Street.


If you have any questions, please ask. Our venues are intended for creative community use, and we need your input. Filling out this feedback sheet will only take a couple of minutes but could provide us with valuable information to help us improve the service we offer.

Feedback Form

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