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PRSC has become a Community Interest Company since February of this year.

This is our Mission Statement:

Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft

Mission Statement

Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft (PRSC) will provide benefit to The Community by promoting the interests of the area, and by seeking to work with the skills of the whole Community to influence the direction in which this area develops.

PRSC will seek to promote and bring to fruition the notion of Stokes Croft as a Cultural Quarter, as a destination. PRSC will seek to promote creativity and activity in the local environment, thereby generating prosperity, both financial and spiritual. PRSC will work in all ways to enhance the reputation of Stokes Croft as a globally renowned Centre for Excellence in the Arts, both in its own actions and by encouraging the action of others. PRSC believes that the strength of the local Community resides in its creativity, tolerance and respect for each other.

PRSC will seek to protect and enhance that which is valuable in the historic fabric of Stokes Croft. PRSC recognises the importance of already existing infrastructure in determining an area’s character. PRSC will afford due consideration to the status of Stokes Croft as a Conservation Area.

PRSC will seek to generate an ethos of sustainability, both in its business practices, and in its approach to every aspect of the development of Stokes Croft, actively seeking innovative responses to the issues that confront the whole of society, with the wider concerns of global society always to the fore in its thinking. By actively pursuing this course, PRSC will seek to test theories, to offer and encourage examples of best practice.

PRSC will actively seek to ensure that Stokes Croft remains a Centre for Excellence in The Arts and for innovative thinking. PRSC will seek to acquire freehold property in Stokes Croft, recognising that this is the principal method for assuring permanence in its aims.

Efficiency will be at the core of PRSC’s thinking. PRSC will seek to maximise return from the scant resources that have traditionally been Stokes Croft’s lot.

The Community is: those who live in, work in or pass through Stokes Croft and its surrounding area.

Stokes Croft is defined as “Stokes Croft and its surrounding areas”.

In January 2009, the area that best fits with the Community demographic is depicted in the Map attached. This is subject to change at any time.


Listed below are the activities that PRSC will pursue as a Community Interest Company, and how these activities will be of benefit to the area.

The company’s activities will provide benefit to:

Those who live in, work in or pass through Stokes Croft and its surrounding area.

Activities (what the company is set to do) How will the activity benefit the community?
To realise a Cultural Quarter where creativity in all its forms can flourish, and to facilitate the conditions necessary for an appropriate commercial sector, with creativity at its core, to grow in Stokes Croft.To maintain and improve the visual environment and infrastructure of Stokes Croft, pulling together all members of the community. Initially, to create in Stokes Croft an Outdoor Gallery and thereby make Stokes Croft a vibrant destination. A community which decides its own destiny and optimises the use of its own talents, with the aim of creating a sustainable local economy, will prosper in all senses.The local community will benefit from the positive visual dialogue taking place in the Stokes Croft area, thereby increasing a sense of belonging and ownership, and renewing a respect for the improving public environment. Businesses will benefit from increasing footfall of visitors to the Outdoor Gallery.
To set up and run an art gallery, showcasing the skills of local artists. To sell their work, produce and sell merchandise, using local suppliers where possible.To manufacture locally designed product. This will include chinaware, which will become a product specifically identifiable with Stokes Croft.To run gigs, performances, festivals.To facilitate performance and rehearsal spaces for music, drama and associated activities. By running our own gallery and by selling locally produced artwork and merchandise, we encourage creativity in the area, promote its status as a Cultural Centre and contribute to increasing prosperity for the locality.By working with artists from the locality, we acknowledge, help to generate and promote the style and attitude that typifies Stokes Croft. In manufacture, where possible, we attempt to involve those struggling with addiction, or at risk of social exclusion, providing opportunities for structure in often chaotic lifestyles.By running events, we generate interest in the local area, some income for local performers/artists, as well as raising funds for the Company.
To seek to influence the development of Stokes Croft, with due regard to the 2006 Stokes Croft Enhancement Plan and 2007 Conservation Area Document. By engaging in the democratic processes surrounding Planning and Conservation, we ensure the success of the development of Stokes Croft as a destination /cultural quarter.
To initiate local Public Works Projects, to include gardening, street sweeping and general maintenance, seeking to involve where possible the homeless, unemployed and those with addictions.To engage governing bodies to improve public services, and to investigate the possibility of some of these services being run by the Community. To offer constructive solutions for the adoption of neglected public and private spaces for the benefit of the Community. By working with the whole community, we attempt to offer opportunity for improvement in the lives of the disadvantaged, whilst realising improvement of public amenity in the neglected areas of Stokes Croft.Direct input by the community into the delivery of services, and into the use of public space will increase a sense of local ownership, self-esteem and pride.
People’s Republic of Stokes Croft will be accountable to, and will represent the interest of the Company’s members, through its actions as a Social Enterprise. By involving members from all areas of the community, we encourage all to help make Stokes Croft a better place to live, work and visit.
If the company make any surplus it will be used for…Any surplus generated by the Company will be used to achieve the stated aims of People’s Republic of Stokes Croft, in seeking to ensure that Stokes Croft retains its vibrant character and unique culture in perpetuity.

Click here for  PRSC’s Memorandum and Articles of Association

This is a lengthy document, and not for the faint-hearted…