In his early architectural work, especially on churches, Godwin took a close interest in tiling, and his sketchbooks include many plans and designs for the floors of Northampton Town Hall and other buildings. In an interview with the magazine Woman and Work, he claimed that tile design was very much part of his practice.

As his own income increased, Godwin began to collect ceramics and in the 1870s had a considerable collection of Japanese and Chinese works. These were a big influence on his own ceramic designs. At the same time he began to design toilet sets, though sadly none appear to have been made or if they have , none have so far survived.

As his work in interior design  increased in the 1880s we find him creating  a whole range of very detailed tiles.

Paved chancel floor, St Christopher's Church, Ditteridge, Wiltshire

Designs for tile floor at Northampton Town Hall, c.1861

Designs for toilet sets, c.1876

Pair of vases with graffito decoration. C. 1877

Designs for Toilet Set, c.1879

Tiles depicting three of the four seasons, c.1881


Part of bird tile set, c.1881