Alan Smith, aka “Bear” was cremated on 12th January, 2010.

The service was dignified, and perfect. In true Stokes Croft style, many ofthe mourners didn’t quite make the service, arriving  just after. We thought Alan would have appreciated that…

Alan’s best friend, Tommy, pays his respects.

The funeral was filmed for those who could not attend (See Below).

More films can be seen at PRSC Youtube site

It is understood that Bear died in the toilets of Burger King in Broadmead. It is believed that he had a needle in his arm. However, the coroner has yet to release his verdict. It has also emerged that Jamaica Street Hostel management disposed of all his private belongings without consultation, allegedly because of fear of needles and drug paraphernalia. All his papers have been lost, so if anybody has any of his works, could they please forward them to email hidden; JavaScript is required

Apparently, his ashes will be available in about a month’s time if no relative claims them. Alan’s best friend, Tommy wishes to scatter them down by the Docks, where Alan did much of his busking.