“People of Bristol! Your beautiful city has been chosen as the beneficiary of a new type of socio-industrial experiment.

With rumours that the proposed new nuclear builds at Hinckley and Oldbury will never rise from the mud, and a surge of middle class economic migrants from London, we at Atomkraft propose clean energy and mass employment…

The Icon for Bristol.  There will be nothing but benefits from a nuclear powered world class culture venue which includes olympic sports facilities, enviable retail centre, and property, descending from a glorious penthouse down to affordable housing for all those with inheritance. Atomkraft

Power is created by people and so you are invited to a public consultation on 8th August to discus the pros and cons of such a proposal

Look for the black pyramid marketing centre in the busy parts of town on for more information.”

atomkraft 3


[ATOMKRAFT is a series of performance events that continue to explore the many layers of power production and distribution in our world.  Supported by Arts Council England.]

Tickets on the door – suggested donation £5.