Chris Chalkley, chairman of PRSC, will finally appear at Bristol Magistrates’ Court on Friday 12th March 2010 at 10am. Mr. Chalkley is accused of Criminal Damage, having painted a sign on the 5102 Building at the bottom of Stokes Croft between 28/8/09 and 1/9/09, allegedly causing damage of between £150 and £200.

The sign that he painted is shown below.

Detail below.

Mr. Chalkley has pleaded not guilty and will be mounting a robust defence of his action.

Scheduled to appear for the prosecution are the  Project Manager for Clean and Green (Anti- graffiti), Denise James and the property manager for 5102.

Mr. Chalkley’s defence team will be calling several witnesses.

The trial is expected to last all day.

See the links below for relevant reading…

Click here to see the Criminal Damage Act 1971

Click here for a legal discussion on graffiti and Criminal Damage, with particular reference to the works of Banksy.

The two documents are essential reading for those who are going to spend the day in court.

All are welcome. Please pass this information to all thase who may be interested.

Chris Chalkley (pictured below) in the St. Werburgh’s Tunnel, a site currently used as a continually changing gallery; No official permission was sought by the local community for painting the tunnel, which is believed to be owned by Network Rail.