In a masterstroke of urban design, Bristol City Council has finally realised that what Stokes Croft, City Road and the Cheltenham Road need are more adverts. Refusing to bow to pressure from more aesthetically impoverished neighborhoods like Redland and Clifton who have barely a decent hoarding to call their own,  the Design and Branding Department is courageously  insisting on bringing more square metres of solid commercial imagery to where it’s really wanted.

The plan is simple but audacious – applying to themselves for planning permission, the council want to install new and adapted street lighting, specially designed to show case 2m full colour adverts as flags; one at least every 50 metres. And no tucking them away near roundabouts, the council wants to put them right in your line of sight. Rest assured no plugs for pole dancing, fake ID’s or drug paraphernalia will be allowed, just the good old mainstream consumerist icons and haikus that we all love. Best of all, the council will be planning to charge the advertisers for access to your public space.

But don’t trust us, take a look at the council’s map and website. Have a think about where your view, your walk, your home or your place of work can best be embellished by access to this splendid public good. Let them know by 25th May, this is too good an opportunity to miss.