On Friday evening Mayor George Ferguson will unveil “Ursa”, a major new work by Jamie Gillman.  Symbolic of the Bottom up approach to regeneration for which Stokes Croft is increasingly renowned, the bear stands on the roof of the men’s toilets in the Bearpit, a potent emblem for the Bearpit and the City.

A joint initiative between PRSC and the Bearpit Improvement Group, the sculpture reinforces the notion of Stokes Croft and the Bearpit as an Outdoor Gallery, and was funded by a grant from Arts Council England

There will be music provided by the Ambling band and others, and performance in the Bearpit will run into the evening.

The Art Container will host an exhibition of work by Jamie Gillman, which will include several original works and a limited edition A2 signed print of Ursa which will be offered at £20.


To see short film of the making of the Bear, visit :