A couple of weeks ago, a pile of dog turd appeared 0n the pavement outside PRSC HQ. Fortunately, so we thought, a Sita street cleaner hove over the horizon… “Could you sort that out for us, please?  Will save me a job…” I said,  and went back into the office. A while later, I had to pop out, and was horrified to find that the dog faeces was smeared across the pavement and flung into the road…


So, I pursued the Sita cleaner, to findout why he had not cleaned up the dog mess… I found three cleaners at the end of the road having a break. They told me that it was policy to throw dog mess into the road… “The cars run over it, and it disperses…” They told me that the alternative was to phone up the office (Using their own mobiles, using their own phone credit) and get an operative out to hose it away with chemicals…They said they couldn’t put the faeces in their bins, because it was smelly and would contaminate their tools…

This seemed incredible… So, I asked another crew the following day, and they told me the same thing.

Perhaps the obvious thing is to put the faeces down the drains?

One thing is for sure, smearing dog shit across the road cannot be an acceptable solution.