The Princes of Darkness, Vermin and Warp, came to the Croft at the end of April, and left us with two stunning murals.

The first, situated between the Junction and the Massage Club seems wholly appropriate… (See below)


On the Sunday, our two friends from Frome reclaimed the hitherto unwritten hoardings on Armada Place, along with Jody and a bit of tidying up from Chris Chalkley.


The piece is tight, and is a strong piece of work, but is too dark for Armada Place… There have been complaints from residents about the darkness of the subject…

So, we need the space to be re-worked, and for there to be threads of pure sunshine running through the piece…

If you , or your crew, are up for it, please get in touch… we can help with logistics and background paint if necessary…E-mail PRSC
Many thanks