David will be writing under the name of  davidsgoldblatt. His first article will be a review of the Stokes Croft in 100 Objects exhibition which took place recently at the Emporium.

David Goldblatt is a writer, teacher and broadcaster and has published three books over the last six years:

The World Football Yearbook, (2002-2004) London: Dorling Kindersley, an annual graphic atlas and encyclopaedia of global football, translated into nine languages.

The Ball is Round: A Global History of Football(2006) London:  Penguin; ‘A tour de force of brilliant writing, historical colour and sporting vignette’ – The Observer.

The Football Book: A Global Encyclopaedia (2009)London: Dorling Kindersley.
He also writes a monthly column on sport for Prospect magazine and the Danish Newspaper Ekstrabladet and  wrote a blog from the 2010 World Cup for both.   He has published memoirs in Granta, as well as reviewing books for the Times Literary Supplement, The Independent and The Observer.

David is currently writing Games Other People Play (2011) London: Profile Books;  a popular introduction to the cultural history and pleasures of every Olympic sport.
In a previous life he published Social Theory and the Environment (1996)
Cambridge: Polity Press, and was a co-author of Global Transformations: Economics, Politics and Culture (1998) Cambridge : Polity Press.

David taught in the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Open University, 1992-2002, and chaired the production of the faculty Foundation course, DD100: Understanding Social Science.  In 2008 he wrote an on-line course in global sport for the Faculty of Social Sciences, The Open University. More recently, David taught at the Department of Sociology, University of Bristol (2005-2009), presenting a third year undergraduate course, Deep Play: Global Sport and the Modern World and teaching a  module on Globalization and Culture on the MSc Sociology course.

David has also worked with Watershed Arts Cinema (2006 and 2008), Bath Literary Festival
(2009) Bristol City and Bristol Rovers football study centres and the University of the First Age (2006-2007), teaching primary and secondary school kids on a variety of football and literacy education projects. He is currently working on a sport and citizens journalism course for young people in association with the Watershed and the Cultural Olympiad in the South West.

david is currently working as a reporter for BBC World Service (Assignment) and BBC Radio 4 (Crossing Continents), as a columnist on Radio 3 (Nightwaves) and World Service (as business of sport correspondent for Business Daily). Topics include: the economics of baseball in the Dominican Republic, the politics of football in Israel, football and social development in the slums of urban Kenya, the globalization of cricket. He has also worked on the Archive Hour and The Long View for Radio 4. In 2009 he won the Sports Story of the Year at the Foreign Media Association Press Awards.

To hear some of David’s latest work, check out Crossing Continents
“Laamb” or “La Lutte Sénégalaise” on the link below.