The Loovre Gallery Volunteer Curator (x2)

The Loovre, Bristol’s smallest gallery, “challenges the concepts of private and public space and questions the pomposity and elitism of the traditional art world”.

We are looking for two people who would like to try their hands at sharing the role of curator for Bristol’s smallest gallery. The role would be suitable for people who are interested in learning more about working with arts and culture, and who are inspired to make the gallery work in collaboration with other PRSC projects such as the People’s Art Fair (PAF).

Our vision for the gallery:

  • Each exhibition could be a curated collection from a mixed group of artists, or a single artist takeover of the whole gallery.
  • Although the gallery is small, we would love to sometimes feature a full installation, and welcome artists to really go crazy in the space.
  • We have about 150 artists that we are in regular contact with, and the many exhibitions we host in the Space bring more interesting art here. The curators could select from these artists and invite them to exhibit in the gallery, or invite new artists whose work they think would suit.
  • PRSC is happy to host an exhibition opening night once every three months, either as a stand-alone event, or during PAF opening nights.
  • The tiny gallery needs to be managed with someone with a visual eye, who can enjoy the comedy aspect of the Loovre while also appreciating the serious point being made against artistic elitism.

The work would involve:

  • Spotting good art
  • Coming up with group show concepts or picking single (or pairs of) artists
  • Inviting artists to exhibit in the Loovre, and liaising with them throughout
  • Creating online event listings, press releases & images to promote the shows
  • Getting the art photographed & listed for sale on our website
  • Installing exhibitions
  • Organising opening nights
  • In the case of a sale, making sure art is removed from the Loovre & taken to the China Shop for collection (we don’t charge an exhibition fee but take 30% on sales)

Since we launched the Loovre in 2018 we haven’t managed to do more than occasionally add new work, and replace sold artworks so new inspiration and energy would be very welcome!

The starting date is flexible – it could be in early April working alongside the team organising the People’s Art Fair and jumping straight into curating a first exhibition based on those works, or later in May when the PRSC team will have more time to offer support and advice on the work of curating exhibitions.

If this sounds like your sort of thing then we would love to hear from you! Get in touch with us at email hidden; JavaScript is required to register your interest being one of our Loovre Curators, or if you have any additional questions.