Corporate Media Culture is the new religion!


Short procession to an ‘undisclosed location’.
Installation of a new temple to consumerism.

Leaving Fremantle Square (top of Nine Tree Hill, central Bristol)
At 6PM sharp on SUNDAY the 28th of FEBRUARY


  • A TV shrine with neon lighting system rigged up
  • A holy collage of contemporary gods
  • Statues of praying consumers buried under corporate waste
  • Costumed celebrants
  • Cost-cutting celebrities
  • Ritual mumbo jumbo with crowd responses

Thanks to Tesco, Hewlett Packard, Esso, Landrover, Coca-Cola & Starbucks for their financial and moral support 😉

Materials are now in place and being built. Extra performers and improvisation actors still needed – get in touch ASAP: 0781 140 3186

Please put this event out on your networks and blogs.

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