At the end of Dighton Street are two panels that have been regularly tagged for the longest time, and have been regularly painted over (Badly) by our Council’s very own “Clean and Green” Anti-Graffiti team… We prepared the walls properly, scraping away debris, and sweeping away all dirt and dust before applying a coat of high quality masonry paint. We were amazed to discover that the Council happily paints over Blu-tack. We asked ourselves just how uncaring do you need to be to not even be bothered to prep the surfaces at the most basic level. The answer lies, we suppose, in the negative, soul-destroying nature of the job…wallpaperblutacwordpress

We then applied a simple wallpaper like pattern over the surface, and painted a sign to welcome people to Stokes Croft. We canvassed over 50 passers-by. The approval rating was 100%.




We think that we should disband the Anti-Graffiti team, and put in its place a team for something like the “Curation of Public Space”. Far better to approach things with a positive attitude.