The People of Stokes Croft, Montpelier and beyond took to the streets on Saturday afternoon, thus demonstrating the depth of feeling at the the possibility of  Tesco spreading its unwelcome influence into this area of the City. The Community are shocked by the lack of  Community Consultation, and are conducting their own survey, the results of which are soon to be released.
There is widespread anger that Bristol City Council gave permission for change of use from entertainment to food retail at 142 Cheltenham Road,  despite receiving no replies whatsoever to their 55 letters of consultation.
The march from Turbo Island to the now-squatted former Comedy Club, took place peacefully and without Police presence, causing minimal disruption to the normal traffic of Stokes Croft. Representatives of all parts of the Community were present.

It is estimated that  more than 300 people took part in the March.

Squatters lined the roof top whilst business people, residents, and local artists lined the pavements, and spilled onto the streets.

The strength of feeling of local residents cannot be denied.

Surveying of the local Community has been undertaken. Results will be released soon.

Parents and children united in their opposition to the monoculture of large multiple retailers.

The ever-splendid Ambling Band buoyed spirits… Many thanks to them , and also to Kevin with the Amazing Bicycle Powered Disco.

After the March, protestors massed on the Iconic Turbo Island, in the Heart of Stokes Croft.

Signage was prepared by willing helpers at the PRSC Workshop in Jamaica Street. Many thanks to those who painted, those who marshalled, and those who helped to conduct surveys.

This Graffiti appeared overnight on the shutters of  the former Malaap/Jesters comedy Club

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