This Report from Betty Chalkley who attended Court this morning.

I attended the Bristol Magistrates Court this morning to attend the trial of Cai.  Four protesters were arrested, two were cautioned and one – Jim Robins will attend court on the 16th April. Jim and Cai spent last night in detention.

Cai’s many supporters paid respect to him for making a protest about plans to turn the old Jesters Comedy Club into a Tesco shop by standing to attention  as he entered the courtroom.

The proceedings were in my opinion straight forward and fair. This offence was detailed precisely and his views and reasons why he decided to be a squatter were explained clearly and sympathetically.

The Magistrate gave his considered views and Cai was fined the minimum amount allowable for the offence which was  £100. Cai received a warm welcome from his waiting friends and was carried shoulder high from the Court.