PRSC presents the School of Activism
Easter Holidays April 3rd – 22nd

Climate change getting you down? Brexit making you sick? Inequality and austerity driving you mad? Is there something you wish you could change? A problem you want to help solve?

You are not alone. We are all sick and tired of feeling helpless and angry. And it’s hard to remember that we are not powerless.

The School of Activism is here to remind us all that the power to change the world is in our hands. We make our own future.

This Easter, the Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft invites everyone to a programme of workshops, events and activities designed to empower and inspire. From making a zine to building with eco-bricks; creating a photo story to planning a flash mob, the School of Activism will help you develop the tools to change the world.

Activists, broadcasters, journalists and comedians, photographers, campaigners and street artists will be sharing their secrets at the School of Activism. PRSC has teamed up with Extinction Rebellion, ReSpace Projects, TalkBox, Bricking-It Bristol and the Bristol Learning Co-op to create a programme of activities for all ages from 8 to 98.

Many of the workshops are free, or run on a donation basis. All of them are as affordable as we can make them. Some are aimed at children, or teens or specifically for adults, while a lot are for families to do together, or are open to everyone.

So come down to the School of Activism and together we will change the world.

More activities and workshops are being confirmed every day.
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