As the days lengthen, the demand for sites to paint increases. Stokes Croft’s growing reputation for Artistic Excellence in its public spaces means that people are queuing to paint here.

If you have a site that needs sprucing up, no matter how big or small, please contact us

This week saw a crew from Lyons in Stokes Croft, bringing a Continental flavour to the Croft. The crew, Ewok, Omick, Bouse and Spei rocked out a small wall near the Cube Cinema, which is overlooked by the Dove Street Flats. Conversations with passing residents met with nothing but approbation. The fact that four painters were working on such a small wall gave a dense, almost constricted feel to the final piece.

Below: The piece in its wider context…

The following day, the same crew painted the rear of a property in Sydenham Lane. The Police were called by a local resident, unhappy at the prospect of more graffiti. When our beat copper, and local resident Artur Wieczorkowski had reassured himself that permission had been obtained for the work, he was moved to buy our visiting graffers a bag of doughnuts… Our French fiends were truly amazed, and told us shocking tales of the behaviour of the French Police… The brief was to produce a mural that was more fine Art than conventional graff… Well worth a look…

Below: A splendid intervention by Will, a young Dove Street resident, transforms a botched painting-out by the BCC Anti-Graff team.
Well done, Will!

Below: another strong piece from Dante, whose studio is in Hamilton House.

Below: Adam Mclevey paints the garage door of local resident, Caroline Cross. Caroline couldn’t wait for her children to get home from school so they could see how their property had been transformed…

Below: More Strong Graff on Tuckett’s Building. One of these artists is still on curfew for “graffiti crimes”, and sports a splendid ankle bracelet.

Below: Motorboy , whose work is invariably pertinent makes a welcome re-appearance on the Croft.This poster appears on the corner of Hillgrove St. and Stokes Croft.

Banksy’s film posters also appeared last week on Stokes Croft

Below: This cheeky little stencil was spotted yesterday on the Gloucester Road outside Barclays Bank.

Finally, a bit of shameless advertising on the Jamaica Street wall from Weapons of Choice.

Cheba and Lokey advertise what threatens to be a brilliant night on 23rd March with
FURIOUS 5 & KURTIS BLOW at the Tunnels.