Despite the gloom that engulfs the UK economy, Stokes Croft continues to defy the recession. The resurgent Cultural Quarter contines to see businesses opening, and established buildings are repainting their shop fronts. Stokes Croft’s increasing self-belief means that disused buildings are increasingly becoming active. PRSC HQ receives regular enquiries about availability of premises in the Croft.

Below are some of the new businesses that we are aware of…

The arts house is a welcome addition to Bristol’s Cultural Quarter.  Gallery, cafe, cinema, bar and live music venue…

check out the website for events.

The Arts House108A Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3RU.

El Bahdja Mediterranean Restaurant has opened in the former Bristol Tavern at 39, Stokes Croft, Bristol.

Delicious mediterranean food is specially prepared by Chef Faycal Tazaoui.  Tel. 07859009128.

When Radhika Fabrics shrunk their retail space by half, the Horyaal Foodstore took up the space.
Unit 3, 40 – 48 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3QD. Tel: 0117 924 8683

See Customer Review Below:

Another very recent business to Stokes Croft, Horyaal Food store has the potential to do rather well. With several student housing blocks nearby, as well as some longstanding high rises, Horyaal has found a niche for a fresh meat and food store.
Previous to Abdulah the owner opening up two weeks ago there were minimal places to get fresh fruit and vegetables, for example, between the city centre and residential areas like Montpelier and Stokes Croft.
With a wide selection of fruit juice and tinned goods (mostly on the bulk / wholesale side of things), as well as its Halal meat section this shop looks likely to stick about.

The Rodak Polish Food Stores has opened very recently. Your reporter bought a delicious jar of pickles, but was unable to find out too much about the  new owners, because of his inability to speak any Polish.

La Voglia , 130 Cheltenham Road, Bristol BS6 5RW. Tel. 0117 944 2442

The former Bar 130 has now beentransformed. See customer review below:

La Voglia (used to be known as One 30) has recently been redecorated for a BBC 2 program just a year or so back. The improvement was much needed and it is now a stylish, typically Italian style bar/cafe. The decor is dark wood, with bar stools around the bar, and sofas and tables for those wishing  to be seated lower to the ground.

I must say that I haven’t yet tried their food, but I have many a times been in for a strong (proper Italian style!) Espresso and haven’t been disappointed. Instead of watered down Costas, you get a real kick out of their coffee and the depth of flavour is leagues above the chain cafes.

Price wise, La Voglia is very good for money. A lunch dish will leave you with change from £5, therefore I am surprised it isn’t usually that busy.

If you are looking for a stylish evening with a bit class then make a beeline for La Voglia, however it won’t dazzle you with hoards of people as even by night it’s never too busy.

Raf, the owner of Ashley News, is making good progress with the construction of his new shop at no. 36, Stokes Croft.

James Starr is in the process of opening a gallery/studio next to Nick’s world famous hairdressers on Cheltenham Road. We can’t wait! Check out James’ website: