Tesco is worryingly close to setting up shop on Stokes Croft – at the old Jesters.

Please come to a public meeting at 7pm on Monday 8 Feb at Hamilton House’s Events Space to find out how to help prevent this and explore what the community does want. Even if you do not live in or near Stokes Croft – please do come along to show your support for the need for Bristol City Council to support, not wipe out local communities. Your community could be next!

Bristol City Council have already granted Change of Use planning permission on the basis that they consulted the local community by:

1) Sending letters to 55 neighbouring residents (and received zero responses)
2) Sticking one A4 notification on a nearby lampost stipulating that Change of Use had been applied for (by an outside contractor)
3) Publishing one line at the back of the Evening Post under Statutory Notifications

This is an absolute outrage…

Apparently this does adhere to the legal requirements for consultation for planning permission. However, we still have the opportunity to challenge it and we are looking into this (boring ourselves silly with planning policy) to see on what grounds we can fight it.

This is our community and collectively we have the power to stop this.
This is a fight Tescos will not win – as long as ALL OF US get together and show our collective might.

Please do come along your voice is immensely important …

If you are in any doubt as to who Tesco are, and how they operate, watch this Dispatches documentary.


The Mirror ran this on Saturday, 30th January.

Even the Sun is picking up on public antipathy toward Tesco’s attitude toward the public.