The former Jesters Comedy Club at 142 Cheltenham Road, Stokes Croft, whose lease has been taken over by Tesco, has been squatted. It is believedthat the squatting action took place on Tuesday night. We have been informed that security personnel, presumably working on behalf of Tesco PLC, arrived sometime on Wednesday armed with sledgehammers, intent on regaining the property. The Police were called and they ordered the Security gang to desist from their intended action, thus heading off the possibility of needless violence. The squatters remain in situ.

Monday night’s meeting, hosted at Hamilton House, attracted over 200 local people. In view of the lack of Community Consultation, it was decided that the Community would organise their own.

In order to co-ordinate the Community’s response to Tesco’s proposed incursion into Stokes Croft, a dedicated website has been set up.

Find out how you can join in. Posters for your window, or the window of your business,surveys and postcards to send to BCC  can be obtained from PRSC HQ betwween 11 and 6pm.