AKA The Police and Crime Sentencing Bill and other Tory assaults on our Human Rights

Resistance and fighters for freedom
never forget, we always will need them
Julian Assange IS a political prisoner
all he did was tell the truth.
He rang the alarm and we must do too

The road to a fascist nation
is paved with legislation.
Under the cloak of Covid 19
a serious crime scene,
of weasel words and hazy definitions
is stealing our freedoms for political ambitions.
Not since William the Conqueror.
“William the Bastard” the original shafter,
has the powerful and reckless ruling hand, planned such a theft.

Sinister Ministers of home and state
plan to incapacitate,
those who oppose this government, who propose, to take
The Human rights to roam, protest or flee tyranny.
The right to particpate in making history.
The right to call out loud and clear
that we stand to loose all thats dear.

These hard won rights were handed down
and made us proud of our history of resistance,
our Britishness,
not just the brutishness of state and crown,
who gained their wealth by birth and plunder
and did their best to keep us under.

In these islands we’ll be, no longer free
but join the world’s states of tyranny,
As high ranking despots
welcome politicians like Priti Patel
to feast on the freedoms of their populations.
We’ll be amongst the top dogs of repressive nations.

We still have the ballot box
but the press does the choosing,
no one shall win if they look like losing,

With barely a beat of hesitation
the government launched
a raft of legislation,
stuffed with 18 pages of amendments so vile,
the power to control is making them smile
as the opposition terrified of the press
let the bills pass with no hint of dissent.

I’m fearful to be British with these people in power
What are we now if we lie low and cower?
as these high rising wannabes
and public school bullies strut in their fiefdoms.
Are we trading consuming for all of our freedoms?

We cant be complacent, think it wont affect us.
“Its only to stop those annoying people who make a fuss
and stand in the traffic, to stop us from driving
over the cliff edge of climate disaster, fast arriving .
Its only to control those pesky people of colour
who uncover injustice.
Its only for those in the minority
freedom for them is not the priority.”

Do not be fooled, these rules can be used
to control every step that we take
that leads us to question the powers of the state.
With no opposition it’s now down to us
or witness the transition,
from hard won democracy, with all of its flaws
to fascistic control and the slamming of doors.

Human rights and freedom of speech
may challenge our thinking,
but without this protection
we all will be sinking under the jackboot
of the ruling class and these bills they will pass
as they party on, to the one party state.
When its all done, it’ll be too damn late.

Soon it will be illegal to disagree
unless you do it so quietly that no one can notice,
and when its your turn to be imprisoned or deported
there’ll only be silence it won’t be reported.
No whistleblower will speak out on corruption
from state control, no disruption.
We can’t let our precious freedoms be stolen
by a handful of politicians whose egos are swollen
by power and glory.

But this is our story

Resistance and fighters for freedom
never forget, we always will need them
Julian Assange IS a political prisoner
all he did was tell the truth.
He rang the alarm and we must act too

By Deasy Bamford 2021

Originally presented at For Crying Out Loud – get up and dance, Bristol Outcry’s School of Activism social here at PRSC, Saturday 23 April 2022.