cutgraswordpress1On Sunday May 25th, the brand new PRSC Flymo made its debut, piloted by James and Shane, who are both seasoned drinkers. Shane is homeless, James now has a flat. They litter picked Turbo Island, cut the grass, trimmed the edges, laid beds around the Easter Island heads, and were well pleased to have done so. This was all voluntary, and largely unsupervised.
It seems obvious that this willingness could be used to everybody’s advantage. We have been suggesting this to BCC for a good while now, as a pilot scheme, without meaningful response.
If you would like to volunteer for “Tidy up the Croft” duties, we have the requisite equipment, and are currently working to convince the Council to collect the rubbish thus produced. We would propose initially three sessions a week, 2pm-4pm Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. If you fancy tidying up, and working with the street people, please E-mail.