Vote to choose the winner of the 2009 Voscur Campaign Award.

Five diverse voluntary and community sector led campaigns have been short listed for the 2009 award. You can read more about each campaign, what they set out to achieve and what they’ve achieved so far and then cast your vote for one of them.  The voting period has been extended and will now end at 5pm on Friday 29 May 2009.

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The 2009 Voscur Campaign Award shortlist:

Disability Equality Forum campaign of self determination
Save Show of Strength
Save Grove Woods
Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft
Feet for Purpose

What does the PRSC Campaign set out to achieve?

Community regeneration of Stokes Croft as a cultural quarter and outside art gallery, after decades of city council neglect. “Don’t develop Stokes Croft – Let Stokes Croft develop”.

What has the campaign achieved so far (As set out by Voscur)?:

It has successfully raised the profile of Stokes Croft and got people talking about Stokes Croft positively; improved the appearance of the area through urban art on what would have been blank hoardings; persuaded the City Council to refuse a number of unsuitable planning applications (albeit one has been won on appeal); started discussions with the city council on the future of Turbo Island and other sites; engagement with street drinkers in the area in activities in an inclusive way, accepting they are part of Stokes Croft community; promoted the importance of the heritage of the area as a conservation area. The campaign has also been fun with Stokes Croft fudge, rock, post cards and posters produced.

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