‘A Womb of One’s Own’ comes to Bristol

“Grandmamie, if no-one touches my boobs before I’m 21 I’m going to explode all over the net curtains from pent-up sexual frustration!” 

Following its sell-out London debut and a highly acclaimed performance in Birmingham, Bristol born actress and writer, Claire Rammelkamp, unleashes her fearless dark comedy ‘A Womb of One’s Own’ in Stokes Croft.

A Womb of One’s Own follows university student Babygirl as she encounters a journey of self and sexual discovery, navigating her way through new-found independence and not-so-steamy sexual encounters only to board the emotional roller coaster that is an unwanted pregnancy.

Written by Rammelkamp, the play is heavily influenced by her own experience of having an abortion while at university and hopes to put a foot in the right direction for normalising talk about abortion, something that occurs everyday in the UK to many women.

Rammelkamp, from St George, comments: “Having an abortion made me realise how much we need more open discussions on the topic and help to explode the taboo. I was lucky enough to have a really strong support network around me, and it was still hard to get advice. A lot of people go through it alone, mainly because abortion just isn’t talked about. We want to get people talking about it.”

This highly-energetic and fast-paced production from Wonderbox tactfully explores controversial issues such as abortion, sexuality and religion. We see Babygirl grapple with crotchety grandparents and unsympathetic hospital staff in a show that is at times irreverent and laugh-out-loud funny, while also questioning why abortion is still a taboo subject when one in three British women will have an abortion in their lifetime.


**** “The show reminds us just how funny feminism can be” What’s On

“This is a production of filthy comedy and hard-hitting politics.” Redbrick

A Womb of One’s Own visits The People’s Republic of Stokes Croft, Bristol on Saturday 15 July. Tickets are £10 and available at Eventbrite.

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