Chris Carley – In memoriam

Chris Carley - from flyer

Chris Carley joined PRSC during the “No Tesco In Stokes Croft” campaign. Soon after getting involved, Chris joined the board as a director, bringing his skills as an architect and as someone with a healthy obsession of design in public spaces.

As a proactive member of the organisation, Chris was a remarkably positive presence. I only knew him for 8 months, but during that time, my fondest memory is of his enthusiasm and support for new creative ideas. “Yes!” was probably the most frequent word Chris spoke. Always encouraging and reassuring, Chris welcomed creative suggestions openly and listened intently before offering opinion and guidance. His methodical approach to the ‘New building’ at PRSC was fundamental in it’s existence, tirelessly working through building plans, working out safety and practicality with the sometimes outlandish ideas of the rest of the group.

Often to be found tackling the mountains of red tape, I think now how that suits the personality I now know more about. At the memorial event in the space, Lynn, Chris’s widow, brought in many of the scale models of cars and aeroplanes that Chris had collected. I tried to make one**

** unfinished writing by Liz

He will be missed by us all at PRSC and we shall always be grateful for his truly unique input.

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