We really enjoyed this recent collaboration with Sharklays and Extinction Rebellion, combining activism, ceramics and direct action!

Stokes Croft China have just completed and shipped out a very special consignment of 100 porcelain mugs ahead of Barclays Bank AGM scheduled for 5th May 2021. The limited edition has been commissioned by Sharklays (Barclay’s alter ego) and Extinction Rebellion.

The mugs have been sent as a gift to members of the Executive Board of Directors and key shareholders as well as environmental journalists and celebrity movers and shakers. It is hoped that these ‘mugs with a message’ will offer a stark reminder to the recipients of Barclay’s role in the horrendous environmental harm they enable through being Europe’s No 1 financier of fossil fuel projects around the world. It is hoped that the action will provoke some publicity – a wonderful example of XR’s use of craftivism to bring about change.

The carefully selected list of recipients include, amongst others, Prince Charles, David Attenborough, Green MP, Dizraeli, Caroline Lucas, Greta Thunberg, George Monbiot, Former Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, and BBC’s Energy & Environment Analyst, Roger Harrabin. They have all been asked to use their influence and social media contacts to expose Barclay’s activities and help steer them away from funding the climate crisis.

Being a limited edition run it is hoped that the mugs will become collectable and may in future raise funds for good causes.

A selection of the mugs sent to journalists and celebrities include an additional printed reference to our late, much-loved friend and environmental activist Fi Radford, who recognised the hidden, destructive role the financial sector plays in driving biodiversity loss and climate breakdown. Fi’s legacy part-funded this project. Watch her TEDx talk here »

Jo Flanagan, coordinator of the action says, “I am very grateful for the support of the PRSC with this project. The use of craftivism is sometimes another way to change hearts and minds.  In the run up to the Barclays’ AGM we want real change with less greenwash and more action.  We hope people will make a noise using social media with @Barclays and @Sharklays.”

The mugs include exquisite graphics designed by MJ.  On the handle there are the words ‘For Our Children’ – a poignant reminder of why the action has been devised.  Much thanks are due to Bev, Sue and the team at Stokes Croft China for producing the mugs as well as Katie and Simon for designing the packaging and the enclosed information cards.

Look out for selfies from celebrities using their special mugs. For more information on Sharklays visit sharklays.co.uk.