Art Furniture to suit all pockets… From £40 to £4000

Following in the footsteps of E.W. Godwin, the forgotten Patron Saint of Stokes Croft, we launch Stokes Croft Art Furniture.

Using materials found in the street, old furniture headed for landfill, we fashion unique pieces of furniture, which transcend the merely functional. Local artists working with materials found locally create a new aesthetic that clearly evokes the soul of Stokes Croft.

Below: A pamphlet for Godwin’s short-lived Art Furniture business.

Below: Jamie Gilman Cupboard detail:

Below: side Table by Katy Bauer

Below: Coffee table (surface) Limited Edition of 100 Price £40.

These tables are made from the hoardings used in and around Stokes Croft 2007-2010

Below: Jamie Gilman at work in the PRSC workshops.

Below:Rich Corlett preparing a small cupboard.

Further details and some furniture can currently be found at  PRSC Selling Gallery at 35, Jamaica Street, Stokes Croft.