Stokes Croft Arts Furniture launched on Friday, with a good turnout. The show is open from Mon- Saturday 11 am-6pm. Almost all pieces come from furniture and material found on the streets in and around Stokes Croft. The show will develop and change as more pieces of furniture are produced and pieces are sold. the show will run until late August. Stokes Croft Art Furniture is an ongoing business which will run to help PRSC to fund its activities, to enable people to develop their skills, and to recycle unwanted furniture by imbuing the pieces with value through revamping them for the 21st Century.

Below: Trying out Jamie Gillman’s High Chair for size.

Below: Opening Night.

Below: 100 coffee tables made from wood collected from the various hoardings and scrap boards gathered in Stokes Croft 2011.

Below: Nine of the first batch of Stokes Croft Arts Furniture Occasional Tables.

Below: Jamie Gillman “Workin Progress”

Below: Jamie Gillman cabinet (Detail).

Below: Commode by Rich Corlett (Detail).

Below: Jamie Gillman cabinet.

Below: Ben Jarvis spider table (Detail).

Below:Guim Chair (Detail)

Below: Guim shelves (Detail).