There’s plenty of opportunities to get involved with PRSC and Stokes Croft China at the moment. If you’ve got time on your hands and want to help out with any of the things below, please contact email hidden; JavaScript is required and we’ll be in touch with more info.

Events Team

PRSC is looking for a few volunteers to join the events team. This will involve learning the Health & Safety procedures, how the kit works and other venue specific skills. Your role would then be to assist with the venue inductions, and to support the events that run in our space.

Peoples Art Fair

If you missed previous PAFs and are wishing you had got involved, then never fear, the next one is scheduled for November 20th to 29th.

  • Art: Do you make art? Do you want to be in the show? Do you have arty friends who are looking for opportunities? Please spread the word about this exhibition. It’s open to all.
  • Flyering: If we find someone to update our flyers would you be up for taking them round to cafes, bars, shops and venues?
  • Press List (suitable for working from home): Our press contacts list is sadly out of date. We really need someone to go through all the listings publications & websites in the UK and find us active contact details that we can send our news to.
  • Online Promotion (suitable for working from home): We are looking for someone with photoshop skills to create a bunch of promo jpegs for the art fair. This will probably be an initial job of about 2 hours, plus another 30 mins or so each week for the next 6 weeks as more artists join the exhibition. Can you help?
  • Website (mostly suitable for working from home): Do you have WordPress skills? Would you be up for popping into the office next week to help get the exhibition listing together? This would also require maybe 30mins a week updating from home until the exhibition.
  • Invigilation: Are you able to help staff the exhibition, look after visitors and to manage the sales? We will need people looking after the show every day from Nov 21st 12-3pm or 3-6pm. We will also need help with the opening night Friday 20th and the late opening Thursday 26th.
    * If you can help please let me know your availability, your preferred shifts, and if you would be able to come in for a training session any time Monday 16th to Thu 19th November.
  • Installation: Are you handy with a toolkit? We’ll need help hanging the show Friday 20th November from 12-6pm.

PRSC Vs The Future

In December the PRSC will be running an inhouse exhibition called PRSC Vs The Future. We will need help with the promotion,  invigilation and installation of this show.

Mural painting & maintenance

Do you have painting skills? We take care of a number of murals round Bristol and we could do with some more talented people joining our mural maintenance crew.

Maintenance of Art & Yard Equipment

We’re after someone to help with repair and maintenance of art equipment and tools, including cleaning & re-cutting stencils, sorting out our paint supplies, keeping the kit tidy, and so on.

China Decorating

photo by Samuel Gilfellan

We are looking for a few creative volunteers to join the decorating team. It takes time to train a china decorator so we need people who are able to commit to one full volunteer day per week for at least a few months, otherwise it’s just not viable. If there are a few people wanting to join the china team, we will try to arrange an initial training session soon.

Stokes Croft China Shop

Due to this pandemic we’ve had to adapt the way our bricks & mortar shop works, what with requirements for face masks, hand sanitiser, and limited numbers in the space. Weekends are getting busier, so we’re looking for someone to help Sue out on a Saturday afternoon.

Want to help? Contact email hidden; JavaScript is required and tell us your skills!

Our sister organisation Stokes Croft Food Project also relies completely on volunteers:

We have volunteer shifts going six days a week. Come volunteer with us and help tackle hunger and food poverty in Stokes Croft.

Email email hidden; JavaScript is required to volunteer or for more info.