Stokes Croft China shop legend Sue Kilroe talks about her love for our NHS mugs…

I love the NHS mugs, we sell lots so it seems I’m not alone.

I love the NHS too. In this time of Covid-19, celebrating the NHS is, quite rightly, high on the public agenda. Like so many others I’ve clapped loud and hard for NHS, care home, and all front line workers.  These amazing people have got us through to this point of the pandemic despite, not because of, the government’s action.

Our first NHS mug, quoting Nye Bevan – “The NHS will last as long as there are folk left with the faith to fight for it” – is as true today as it was on the day in 1948 when he declared the NHS open to all.

Bevan knew socialised health care and the Welfare State would be attacked by capital and so it has been ever since. Bevan fought hard for free comprehensive universal services for individual health and national economic benefit.

The NHS is not what it was but it is better than the US model that is proposed as an alternative. So the fight must continue to preserve what we still have and ultimately to reinstate a truly public and NOT FOR PROFIT service.
The Do No Harm mugs are quite new. This message is etched into the minds of doctors, nurses and all health & social care professionals. It applies, or should do, to all public servants including politicians. Tucked away inside in one version of the mug is “but take no shit” …. some uplifting advice for those who have to suffer the incompetence of their leaders and managers.

For those who need, there is a sanitised version and they can keep the subversive mutterings inside their heads.