Adblock Bristol is dismayed to report that there’s a new proposal for a HUGE LED digital advertising screen to be mounted on the big City Point building which directly faces the mouth of the Temple Meads Station approach ramp.

Object here: 18/01751/A City Point Temple Gate Bristol BS1 6PL

This is a very busy “T” junction with pedestrians and commuters crossing roads, and they are liable to be knocked down by motorists distracted by this billboard if approved.

The application includes a letter from a doctor of driving behaviour which rebuts the Council’s refusal of a similar previous application and says the screen would create no distraction!  What a load of rubbish, when the screen is clearly aimed at being eye-catching to motorists and pedestrians alike!

Please object to the proposal using the link below (“Make a comment”); and remember to object on the grounds of safety (it’s a very busy junction!) or amenity (it will look unpleasant, or not fit with the character of the area) as these are the only grounds the Council will consider.

Object here: 18/01751/A City Point Temple Gate Bristol BS1 6PL

This post by Mark first appeared on the Adblock Bristol website.

Act now! Want more reasons to get angry?

  • 15 new digital advertising screens were recently approved for the city centre despite public opposition.
  • Another 50 (!) planning applications for digital advertising are currently planned.